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    Night Three: France Burns Again
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-11-28 00:26:11 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Violence "much more serious" than in 2005

    Paris' Third Annual Intifada Festival

    France: 'Youths' Burn Police Station Down

    The violence that has consumed the Parisian banlieue slums spread beyond the capital area to Toulouse on the evening of November 27, marking the third consecutive night of rioting from immigrants, euphemistically called "youths."

    The damage has not yet been totalled for "night three," but in Toulouse a library was burned to the ground, while in the Paris area a number of cars were burned, adding to the scores already destroyed in the series that police are calling an insurrection as well as urban guerilla warfare.

    Police sources, who had increased their presence in hopes of stopping renewed attacks have described the situation as worse than the riots of 2005, which went on for weeks, spreading out of Paris across France and even into neighboring nations. The new riots have seen guns used on police, with up to 30 officers shotgunned on Monday night. (While a number were "wounded seriously" no deaths have been reported). In addition to the firearms, police face a rain of petrol bombs and bricks.

    The unrest was sparked after two "youths" plowed into a police car on a stolen moped, killing them instantly. The French system and international media are replaying the wornout line that unemployable Third World "youths" are only violent because they are "outsiders" in a "racist" French society. After the 2005 riots, French liberal breast beating led to a set of absurd programs to "help" the immigrants, among them a plan to cut back workplace benefits to give work to the "youths."

    In the end, that part of the "plan" to take from the French to give even more to the nonwhites was defeated, but ultimately France stands on the precipice of civil war.

    In the wake of the 2005 events, which saw churches, schools, police stations, buses and cars burned, a three month long State of Emergency and the worst mass violence since the 1968 student "uprising", the French legal system made a serious effort to uncover the hidden hand of al Qaeda or some other nefarious Islamist plot to explain the violence. After all, the alternative was unthinkable, that a vast population group was congenitally unable to integrate into the French nation. Sadly for multiculturalists everywhere, no sign of Osama was found, aside from his popularity as a figure who "takes it to the man." Islam is a major problem for France (and the West in general), but to the extent that it gives ideological coherence and an increased sense of entitlement and adds arrogance to racial resentment among a Third World population that will signal the end of Western civilization if something doesn't change, and soon.
    News Source: Correspondents

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