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    'What Have We Done?'
    Globalism; Posted on: 2007-11-24 19:06:01 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Australian Federal Election 2007: The greatest disaster since the election of the disgraced Gough Whitlam government in 1972

    SYDNEY: On Saturday 24th November 2007 a state of temporary insanity descended upon Australia when voters elected the Fabian Socialists Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard Labor team (pictured right).

    On Sunday morning millions of Australian will wake up and begin to ask themselves "what have we done?" As their present world gradually collapses around them, they will probably find themselves repeating that question for the next three years.

    So "What have we done?"

    Well here are a few of the answers. The nation has thrown away its birthright and any hope of strong and experienced future economic management by swallowing the sweet and tempting, but hollow words and promises of the slickest and yet most unqualified political team ever to lay their hands on the levers of power in our great nation.

    Under the guise of the quite meaningless cry "it's time for a change" Australians have thrown away the benefits of eleven years of prosperity and elected a new Prime Minister who's only claims to fame are that he was a one time diplomat and speaks fluent mandarin chinese. Even worse, they elected a total turkey, Julia Gillard, a motor mouth red, as deputy prime minister. This women clearly has the brains of a geranium and yet will guide the destiny of every Australian workplace - right back to the days of destructive and counter productive unionism. If, heaven forbid, Kevin Rudd falls ill due to his heart condition, this vain and empty headed creature will be prime minister.

    Voters have invited into our daily lives a plague of former union officials and a pestilence of left wing cronies, political correctness and a toxic mix of multi-culturalism that will lay the foundations for the destruction of the very values that made this nation great. The floodgates to foreign immigration will now lay wide open. Our children and grandchildren will curse both this day and the short sighted stupidity of the so called "swinging voters" who by their political ignorance or just plain muddled headed thinking allowed this calamity to occur.

    At a time when the United States financial and banking sectors are crumbling, expected growth in the world's biggest economy has been revised downward, inflation is again gathering steam and the US dollar is tattered and fading, Aussie voters invited a team of inexperienced and incompetent children, pop stars, nobodies and unionists to govern our affairs, protect our economy, keep mortgage rates down and guarantee job growth. Fat chance! If the American economy falters the knock on effect for Australia will be devastating. If the USA reduces it's purchases of Chinese goods our economic mining boom evaporates and the Australian economy will be savaged.

    As I write, a host of predator nations in OPEC (particularly led by muslim Iran and Chavez' Venezuela) are considering swapping oil contracts from US dollars to euros. To weather this growing storm, plus the already breaking cyclone of peak oil, we need hard nosed, experience, economic management, yet Australian voters have just elected a team of glib media darlings and novices.

    Expect a flood of African, Philippine, Mexican and Indonesian settlers, oops, refugees. Expect more Chinese who will snap up every tax dodge small cash business in the nation. More muslims, more Indians and Pakistanis who will gobble up the education and work places of Australian kids. Expect food and health standards to drop as third worlders take up more jobs in our food halls and fast food outlets. Expect more racial tension, drugs, marriage breakdowns, rape and crime. Expect more corruption. Finally expect your Australian rights to be trampled in the dirt.

    As he stood on the stage with his family (including his Chinese son in law, but excluding his Botswana born sister in law) he finally voiced his true politically correct feelings on matters like immigration: "I will be a Prime Minister for all Australians. A Prime Minister for Indigenous Australians. Australians who have been born here and Australians who have come here from afar"

    He did a real number on Australian voters, he stayed silent on issues that he knew they would disagree with or lied and claimed that he was just as tough on those issues as Howard was. His populist speeches and sound bytes, along with the recruitment of star and celebrity candidates, appealed to the most naive and brainwashed of our society (which is a hell of a lot of people), which in turn boosted his winning margin.

    Don't expect the person on the other side of the counter at the local petrol dis-service station to be able to speak english. Whatever you do don't think that your children will ever again be able to "call Australia home". Yes, that's right, the vote that was cast on 24th of November 2007 for Labor will within two decades make Aussie kids strangers and slaves in their own land.

    Out of this shambles will come the next generation of Australian political traitors. They will joint the idiot Whitlam, who ran his Labor government and the nation broke and was fired by the then Governor General - Sir John Kerr. Al Grasby, the traitorous Whitlam immigration minister, who first opened the doors for the destruction of Australian culture and who was later exposed as a crook and died in shame. The disgraced fool Paul Keating, the self proclaimed "world's greatest treasurer" who gave Australia "the recession it needed to have" and for a time made us a banana republic. Then there was Bob Hawke, the union destroyer and egotistical, self seeking, squabbler whose only claim to fame was that he declared on the day we won the Americas cup that "any boss who expects his staff to work today, is a bum!" Finally, there was Malcom Frazer, the school prefect Liberal, who replaced Whitlam, but left our doors wide open to foreigners and sundry scum.

    Time will tell. Our children will pay the price. In spite of all John Howard and his team's hard work and occasional failings Australia will now take a massive step backwards.

    Today the Federal government is in the black due to sound management. Tomorrow the red ink will begin to flow!

    Tomorrow Rudd and his Labor team will bask in the warm sunny glow of victory, but in the not too distant future ordinary Australians will see the first cancerous pustules appear on the Labor body politic.

    It's all down hill folks!

    News Source: email contributor


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