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    Political Cesspool News
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-11-23 19:36:22 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Stream upgrades, poll and other announcements

    Hello Friends! I have a couple of quick announcements and reminders that I would like to share with you.

    NEW UPGRADES TO OUR INTERNET STREAMER On Monday evening, before our show featuring guests Peter Gemma and Jared Taylor, we implemented software upgrades to our internet simulcast streamer. This is the feature to our website that allows Cesspool listeners from all over the world to tune in live, or via the broadcast archives. There were a small minority of fans who had technical difficulties accessing our streaming audio. These upgrades should have the problem rectified and we should now be universally compatible with all users, including those on MacIntosh, although the latest version of Windows Media Player is recommended. So, if you happened to be among those who had trouble tuning in, you should be all set now.

    DIXIE BROADCASTING DEBUT ON DECEMBER 3 Don’t forget that The Political Cesspool will be making its debut on the Dixie Broadcasting Radio network and their affiliate stations beginning on Monday, December 3. With that being said, we still have offers on the table from other corporations who wish to syndicate us even further, with some potential markets boasting stations with 50,000 watts of power! The growth of this award-winning program is only just beginning and we will keep you posted as other developments arise.

    VOTE IN OUR ONLINE POLL We have been talking about certain website improvements that will be implemented on our internet headquarters to coincide with our move into syndication. Some of the new features our website will be adding very soon will be an extensive photo gallery, a Political Cesspool merchandise shop, online polls, chatrooms and much more! We have already added the online polling feature and the current question of the day is, “Which extremist organization / entity is the most anti-European American and anti-Christian?” Your choices are: The Anti-Defamation League, The Bush Administration, The Mainstream Media, The Southern Poverty Law Center and The United Nations. Go to our website now and let your voice be heard! (Note - The poll is located on our homepage where James Edwards’ most recent interview with CNN was featured. You may still view James’ interviews with CNN on the “Video” page of our site.)

    Please keep in mind, as always, that we are a listener supported organization that relies upon your continued financial contributions in order to endure. Should you feel so led, you may make on online credit card contribution today, via PayPal, that will allow our work to continue to prosper. Checks or money orders, made payable to “Political Cesspool,” can be sent to the address below.

    The Political Cesspool is LISTENER SUPPORTED!
    Click here and make a donation today!
    News Source: The Political Cesspool

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