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    Mike Huckabee - Traitor Times Two
    Freedom; Posted on: 2007-11-22 08:51:24 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    For those of you who are Christians, Southerners, and Christian Southerners, your choices for President of the United States should shrink by one.

    by Winston Smith

    Former Arkansas governor and potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabeeís positon on illegal immigration is enough to disqualify him from being President. But his position on abortion disqualifies him from being President and from being a Southerner.ĒItís the logic of the Civil War,Ē Huckabee said Sunday, comparing abortion rights to slavery. ďIf morality is the point here, and if itís right or wrong, not just a political question, then you canít have 50 different versions of whatís right and whatís wrong.Ē

    Itís fair and safe to assume that Huckabee is ashamed of Arkansasís past, seeing as he has essentially admitted that if he had been Arkansasís governor during the days of Lincolnís invasion of the South, Arkansas would have flown the Union flag and her sons would have worn Federal Blue - this from a guy who should know that you donít become President unless the South votes for you. Those of us who have not sold our birthright to the hucksters of political correctness and cultural Marxism should be very concerned about the possibility, however unlikely, of a Huckabee presidency. Because now, South-hating bigots all over the country know he would agree with them as they continue their efforts to bury the South under a mountain of lies and write our history to suit their bigoted agenda.

    On a past broadcast of The Political Cesspool, I told you about Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, a Zionist who says we Southerners are sinners because we honor our fathers and our mothers. If Boteach and his anti-Christian Zionist minions have the support of a President Huckabee, we will have to destroy all the monuments to our brave and honorable sires; we will have to teach our children that our gallant and noble forebears were among the worst people in history; we will live in a state of perpetual repentance for simply being the sons and daughters of courageous men and women who didnít want the federal government deciding their morality Ė the exact opposite of what Mike Huckabee wants. Southerners should make an example of Mike Huckabee, and make a display of what we think of someone who would sell our past and our future for a pat on the head from rabid hacks of political correctness. Every Southern politician needs to know that we will not support any candidate who would represent us as being ashamed of our venerable mothers and fathers.†

    Huckabee is running as a Conservative, and he even has the endorsement of Chuck Norris, who said Huckabee is a ďprincipled, authentic conservative.Ē I have no doubt Huckabee made his abortion statement with the thinking that decency would prevail in the federal government and wholesale abortion would end. Such a notion is a naÔve pipe dream. But, my friends, no true conservative would ever think of putting such an important moral issue in the hands of the federal government. Abortion laws should be decided by the states precisely because itís a moral issue, and morals vary drastically from one region to another. The South is firmly pro-life; the Pacific Northwest is firmly pro-abortion. Neither region should be forced to associate with the other on the issue because there is no reconciling the divergent notions. And thatís exactly what laws do Ė they force associations by standardizing an ideal of behavior. Laws say ďThis is how we all should act.Ē The reason Americans are so hostile about the abortion issue is because we have been forced into an association that we donít want. Forced associations are never happy or peaceful. Our current federal law allows people to kill pre-born children for any reason and at any time, up to and including the childís head exiting the birth canal. Furthermore, since the right to murder children via abortion is mandated by federal law, those of us who want nothing to do with the abhorrent practice are nonetheless forced to support it. In fact, under the so-called conservative Bush administration, millions of our tax dollars go into the coffers of the infanticidal Roebots and abortuaries of Planned Parenthood. Even though the horrible, barbaric, and satanic practice of slaughtering innocent children offends us, we are forced to pay for it being done. We have no choice. We are forced into complicity. Iím not alone in being insulted by being made to support something that I find repugnant and untenable. Thomas Jefferson weighed in on the matter, saying

    ďTo compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.Ē (Source: Virginia Statutes of Religious Freedom, 1779)

    Notice that Iíve used the word force and forced numerous times. Iíve done so because thatís what laws do Ė they force practical agreement. I can disagree with abortion all I want, but if I withhold my tax money from Planned Parenthood, the federal government will try to arrest me. If I resist hard enough, federal agents will shoot me, and they would probably shoot my wife and my children. If you donít believe me on that point, just ask Randy Weaver about it. You canít put the question to his wife, Vicki, because sheís dead. A federal agent shot her in the back as she held her baby, because she and her husband resisted the federal government. Federal law is always backed up by federal guns, especially when itís applied to American citizens.

    ď[Y]ou canít have 50 different versions of whatís right and whatís wrong,Ē Huckabee said. To which I reply, ďWhy not?Ē If someone lives in a state in which murdering babies is illegal, and the right to murder babies is that important to that person, then he or she should be able to be among those agree with him or her, and they can pour as much money as they have into Planned Parenthood. Besides, the more issues over which the federal government takes control, the more we cease to be the United States and become the Unites State, with the state governments being nothing more than administrative provinces of the federal government Ė something the Founders never envisioned. Furthermore, why should the likes of Ted Kennedy be allowed to use crafty parliamentary maneuvering to dictate the morals of Mississippi? For that matter, why should Ted Kennedy be allowed to dictate anyoneís morality? Why should the rabid Zionists of the ADL be allowed to demand and receive support from the people of Virigina? Huckabeeís is the thinking of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Al $harpton, Hillary Clinton, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Planned Parenthood, the Gay/Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation League (GLAAD), the NAACP, and every other Marxist person and organization that demands that those of us who disagree with them must at least associate with them and ultimately support them.

    Mike Huckabeeís support for the Bush/Kennedy/Specter Immigration Bill puts him squarely at odds with the 90% of Americans who melted down the Senate phone banks and email inboxes to defeat that odious bill. His continued support for amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens, in the face of overwhelming rejection by the American people, makes him a traitor to the American people. I expect as much from politicians who aspire to federal office. Congress and the White House are filled with traitors, and Mike Huckabee would fit in comfortably with them. But his treason against the South is unforgivable. It is also complete, as he has adopted the language and ideals of the people from whom his ancestors fought to protect him. Not a single Southern vote should go to Mike Huckabee.††

    Winston Smith is a staff member of the Political Cesspool Radio Program.† He can be e-mailed here: winstonsmith_99@yahoo.com

    For more info: www.thepoliticalcesspool.org

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