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    Doug Tracht As the Precedent for White Groveling and Cowardice
    Political Correctness; Posted on: 2007-11-12 11:18:57 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by Elizabeth Wright

    As a black woman, there is little these days that shocks me when it comes to white acquiescence to black demands. But I must say that even this cynical soul was unprepared for the groveling behavior of that radio personality Doug Tracht (The Greaseman) when the hounds were set upon him several years ago.

    Now this is a guy, rumor has it, who has wisely turned his earnings into millions, so we’re not talking about a nearly destitute person, dependent upon the next pay check. Yet look at his unbelievable cowardly behavior when fired for making a wisecrack about some black singer of "hip-hop" noise.

    It wasn’t enough for him to figuratively fall to his knees and apologize for his "insensitivity." No, he had to drag himself around to various prominent blacks and do public penance before them, setting the precedent for Don Imus and others. And how could any human being’s mind be so emptied of common sense and plain old self-respect and so indoctrinated with the garbage of the times? And, further, to put the capper on my Politically Incorrect questions--how could any man be so devoid of just the last few shreds of manliness? Remember manliness?

    What kind of influence do you think the behavior of people like Tracht have on young whites? Among the worst crimes committed against blacks by black elites are the many signals they send to inculcate the "victim" mentality and to teach black youth that no accomplishment is possible without the intervention of whites. By officially canceling out a whole block of black history, they have convinced blacks that nothing was achieved prior to the rioting of the 1960s that forcibly led whites to "open the doors." According to the elites, blacks only rose to the occasion when it came to demanding "social justice," but not when it came to providing for themselves.

    White youths also are inundated with this skewed history and, of course, the "horrible sins" committed by their ancestors. People like Tracht are now sending further signals to white youngsters as to how they should behave when challenged by members of a "protected" minority. Not only must you be deferential, you must crawl and cry and beg.

    I actually heard Tracht tell an interviewer, who inquired about his possible "racism," that, although he did not think he was a racist, he is going to go "under therapy" in order to learn whether or not this is so.

    So now it’s established that not preferring the cultural traits of another group, or harboring negative thoughts about such traits, is no longer a choice, but a "sickness" to be cured. Racism requires therapy. How long will it take before the legal system is used to declare certain whites "mentally ill" for harboring racist thoughts and to confine them to asylums? (Given the nature of white compliance, I bet we would witness children turning in their parents and parents turning in their children.)

    Full Article
    News Source: GlobalPolitician.com


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