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    Rightwing Communist Media Caving In
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-11-11 07:52:04 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Now, here comes Glenn Beck, who says he finally has to admit the facts about the North American Union. Glenn has been “agonizing” about those facts for a couple of years. Of course, there was no need to agonize. The government documents that prove it were there for anyone willing to look.

    by Alan Stang

    Regular readers may recall that recently I did a piece called “Your Papers, Please!” It chronicled some of the “false flag” operations in which Washington attacked the American people to create a phony justification for government by perpetual emergency and perpetual war. Since then, I have seen again a 1990 movie based on a Tom Clancy novel entitled, “The Hunt for Red October.”

    A Soviet submarine commander is defecting to the United States with his vessel. Sam Neill, his XO, asks him whether the Amerikanskis will let him live in Montana. Sure says Sean Connery. You can live anywhere you like. Then I think I’ll live in Montana, says Sam, get a pickup, maybe a recreational vehicle (this was before SUVs) and drive from state to state. Would they let me do that? Sure, says Commander Connery.

    Then XO Neill drops the bomb. Could I drive from state to state without papers? Of course, says Connery. No papers. So, in 1990, a Soviet defector (who could even be a double agent) could drive around this country without papers. Sam was asking because he couldn’t do that in his own country, the Soviet Union. Today, the situation is reversed.

    Today, say the Soviets, Communism “has collapsed.” Of course, Alan Stang readers know that never happened; but that is what they say. They say they no longer need papers; but here in the United States we soon shall (unless you’re an illegal alien).

    This confusing cinematic anomaly could set the context well for a look at the initial death throes of the right wing Communist media. By the way, you will be admitted to this discussion only if you agree with me that the word “media” is plural. It comes from the Greek and the singular is “medium.” There is the radio medium, the newspaper medium, etc. Together, they are the media. As a Dr. No supporter, I believe of course that it’s a free country; you don’t have to agree. If you don’t, goodbye and God bless you. But if you don’t, you will find yourself in a grammatical mess; you could even wind up debating the meaning of “is” or saying things like, “The medium are . . . .”

    Where were we? We were talking about the impending implosion of the nation’s right wing Communist media, which consist almost entirely of talk radio hosts like Shallow Sean Hannitwerp, Rush Limbag, the Weiner Nation, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, etc.


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