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    Beware of Dogs
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-11-10 20:50:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    I like to think of the day when our cultural and political masters will look into the eyes of their once docile subjects and see a “wildness” they never saw before.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    As I’m sure many of you know by now, on February 2nd, Dog the Bounty Hunter, a syndicated television program, was pulled off the air by A & E because the main character Duane Chapman got caught saying less than respectful things about blacks in a private telephone call.  Shortly afterwards, Duane Chapman went on national television a couple of times and begged forgiveness. With the exception of a momentary look at this spectacle -- as the media shoved our noses in it over and over again -- I must admit I intentionally avoided watching Mr. Chapman make more of a damned fool of himself than he already is because things like that make me squirm with almost agonizing embarrassment. But it also incarnates my belief that the media will do whatever it takes to humble a European American male in front of the entire world, not to mention the fact that most European Americans seem to have a sickening inclination for acting in accordance. Actually, when was the last time you heard a black apologize for something disparaging he or she said about whites?

    Of course, I think one of the main reasons Mr. Chapman shed tears over his transgression was not because this ex-biker, ex-con, former drug user regretted what he said; he was mourning the potential loss of his 2 million dollar a year contract with A & E. Had he been the corner mechanic who got fired for the same thing the only place he would have expressed his remorse was at home to his angry wife.

    I know I sound especially cynical about this matter and I don’t mean to, but there are other things that need to be discussed. However the more I thought about this sorry affair the angrier I became for the reason that it’s just another feather in the hat of those whose life ambition is the utter marginalization of white Western man, and Mr. Chapman played right into it. Of course let’s not forget ‘the Dog’s’ traitorous son Tucker who recorded a private conversation between himself and his own father, who decried Tucker’s black girlfriend, and then sold it to the National Enquirer for 30 pieces of silver because he had his feelings hurt. (NOTE: If there was any doubt the woman in question is displaying typical wounded insolence and refuses to accept any form of apology) Never mind the fact that blacks say the so-called N-word to each other in their speech, in song and in print with breathless abandon. In a healthy world Mr. Chapman would have said to the first reporter that approached him: ‘Yes I called my sons black girlfriend a n!@@&r.* What of it? I’ll stop using that word when blacks stop using it. Until then, go to hell. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to find Tucker and turn his spine into a pretzel.” And that would have been the end of the matter. But you know, while Mr. Chapman’s remorse was rooted in loss of income, the vast majority of European American males – I’m sorry to say -- would have been driven by an almost psychopathic yearning to self flagellate themselves before the very community who assault more of our people in a single year than have died so far fighting in Iraq. The public meltdown of this man (and others) scores of you sat through is a perfect symbol of the degraded and submissive nature we have adopted from the cultural elites. I mean really, this raises two questions: would you have seen something like this say in the 1950’s; and, will this actually improve race relations from the black point of view? Well the answer to both of these questions is no. Coming out of the Second World War and going into the Korean War European Americans was a tougher breed than they are now and blacks generally avoided the company of whites in favor of their own communities. Nowadays EA males soak up and retain every incoming multicultural signal that comes their way, while blacks and other non-whites have been racially empowered -- not only by federal funding afforded their relative pressure groups -- but through cultural vectors like universities and the media. Consequently, this entire public apology further eroded European Americans standing in the face of egalitarians and black activists, both of whom share an undiluted hatred for our people. And truth be told, if current predictions stand, we’re going to need a much tougher more well informed citizenry than we have now. We have to dump the insane idea that somehow white Americans comprise a guilty nation deserving of being overrun by the Third World and poisoned by cultural aliens.

    The way I see it Dog the Bounty Hunter, was created as a platform to showcase (what I perceive to be) a truly dysfunctional family. By way of cunning or by coincidence – it doesn’t matter which – Duane Chapman was picked to be the embodiment of a multicultural white American male, a kind of metro sexual running on high test. While Mr. and Mrs. Chapman’s offspring have learned well from their parents so too are our children learning from the Chapman’s public appearance such as the “Dog’s” penchant for Native American jewelry and his corresponding claim to be partially Native American, the jacked up mullet, the countless body piercings and tattoos and his professed desire to be buried in a slave cemetery. So is it any wonder his brood has a penchant for black girlfriends? As a matter of fact is it any wonder, under the constant barrage of systemic manipulation on so many levels, that many young European American men and women seek out the company of non-whites for fun and games? This kind of self centeredness has been injected by the media (in particular) into the hearts and minds of European Americans since at least the 1960’s and all you need is eyes to see the intensely destructive outcome on our society. In fact if we’re not careful and sit around waiting for someone else to fix it, we will have completely descended to the point where the best way to survive, to steer clear of confrontation and possibly even violence in the social order is for everyone to avoid being “judgmental.” As you may or may not know this actually refers to moral relativism, the definition of which is that each person’s thoughts, life-style, sexual orientation, and beliefs are just as good as the next persons. In other words since there are no absolute standards anymore we should not evaluate other people whose morality or value system at any given moment is diverse from our own. Now I don’t want to appear to be elevating Dog the Bounty Hunter to a status it doesn’t deserve in terms of the long range breakdown of European America. After all, there will undoubtedly be more TV fare just like it – or worse.

    But I do want to point out that this particular show’s ending, with its mewling apology for bad racial language in a private conversation, and the media’s breathless presentation of it, is just another warning sign in a long line of symptoms that should tell us something has to break, and break soon. Additionally, those who have sway over public perception -- or rather public reality -- simply cannot fathom WHY any sane thinking European American would actually desire to acknowledge ANY form of racial consciousness. Coupled with seditious policies like massive Third World immigration, out of control political correctness, a mushrooming black and mestizo welfare class, a confiscatory tax system, I am detecting White Americans have had enough. So at the risk of sounding verbose or unoriginal, I like to think that future depictions like that of Dog Chapman’s apology are coming to an end. I like to think that the day is nigh when The Dogs will have had enough; when the verbal whippings and nonstop commands; the injustice of a short leash; the crawling, the deprivation of racial identity will finally create a breaking point, will finally snap the cruel tether. I like to think of the day when our cultural and political masters will look into the eyes of their once docile subjects and see a “wildness” they never saw before and will reconsider what they have done. In fact I firmly believe our enemies have already seen it in their private divinations and are preparing for it. Together with a little work, a little fortitude, we can do whatever must be done and finally break free... without apology.

    *Certainly EAU does not encourage or endorse the idea that it’s alright to insult other races for any reason at all. We would rather encourage our people to expend their energy on more beneficial, modern endeavors.

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