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    Americans Fed Up With Stealth Amnesty
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-11-09 22:13:44 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    It is this reporter's opinion that the amnesty crowd wonít die easily.

    Led by Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev., Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and company, they've tried five times to shove comprehensive immigration reform through and each time the American people, in their infinite wisdom, have rebuked them.

    The defeat of the DREAM Act was a major setback. Then came California Sen. Dianne Feinsteinís attempt to add the AgJOBS bill to the Farm Bill and again they fell flat on their faces.

    Feinstein admitted that amnesty efforts lacked popular support and its proponents could not overcome the opposition.

    The recent Bank of America fiasco is further evidence that when the people speak, the amnesty crowd listens. Customers tore up their BoA credit cards when the bank decided to give credit cards to illegals. It cost Bank of America a 32-percent drop in business.

    The threat is not over. Feinstein plans to bring up AgJOBS amnesty as a stand-alone bill later this year. But the amnesty crowd may be getting the message.

    Eighty House Democrats and Republicans teamed up to propose a new immigration enforcement bill saying they reject the Reid-Kennedy attempt at amnesty.

    A large number of rank-and-file Democrats agree with most Republicans that the first step should be a get-tough approach to border security. This new approach includes going after businesses that hire illegals; improving information sharing among the IRS, Homeland Security, and Social Security to track illegals; and increasing the number of enforcement agents at the border.

    We the people are speaking up. The people are fed up with plans to merge the United States into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico which would destroy American sovereignty.


    News Source: newsmax

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