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    Hillary's License to Lose
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-11-08 09:20:55 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    A Watershed Moment on Immigration

    How happy is Sen. Hillary Clinton that Gov. Spitzer stirred up his licenses-for-illegals firestorm?

    Not very, we'd guess.

    She's been talking from both sides of her mouth on the issue since last week's presidential debate - and her dissembling appears to be costing her.

    A Rasmussen poll showed that Clinton's support in New Hampshire (the site of the debate) has dropped sharply: She was up by 23 points a month ago, but is now defending a narrowing, 10-point lead over Sen. Barack Obama.

    This shouldn't surprise.

    A recent Washington Times national poll showed 77 percent of Americans believe illegal aliens shouldn't be allowed to have driver's licenses.

    This is understandable: Illegal immigration is a major concern in America - one Washington steadfastly refuses to deal with. Small wonder, then, that the licenses-for-illegals dispute has become a surrogate for the immigration debate that the nation sorely needs, but that the political class refuses to conduct.

    Earlier this year, the discussion was about "guest workers," "Z visas" and a "path to citizenship" - whatever they are.

    By contrast, there's a real clarity to the licenses-for-illegals question:

    "Yes" is a vote for illegal immigration.


    Clinton Appoints 'Hispanic' Campaign Chair
    News Source: nypost.com


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