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    Caste Football Looks at the 2007 Indianapolis Colts
    Report; Posted on: 2007-11-04 11:16:06 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    pictured: Matt Giordano

    The world champions have more white players on their roster at the beginning of the 2007 season than any other NFL team 24, or just over 45%. Which means that for at least the 15th consecutive season there is not a single franchise carrying a white majority of players.

    One would think that out of pure chance, one team might every now and then have 27 or more white players out of the 53 on its active roster. Even the NBA occasionally has a majority white team, witness the Utah Jazz. But at least the last 480 NFL rosters have been majority black, and maybe a lot more than that as the exact year such a now-extinct beast existed isn't known for sure, though the Buffalo Bills teams of the early 1990s are good candidates. Amazing isn't it how white men suddenly became incapable of playing many football positions after decades of playing them at a high level in an integrated NFL?

    The Colts are led by the great Peyton Manning, a true genius of a quarterback who may well go down before he's through as not only the best quarterback of all time but the best football player ever. Don't wait until the end of his career to appreciate him; appreciate him now while he's at the height of his powers.

    The very rarely used Jim Sorgi is again Manning's backup.

    Per usual, the Colts start four white offensive linemen, who always give Manning superb protection but somehow are always ignored when it comes to Pro Bowl voting, as are many other worthy white linemen. Ryan Lilja holds down the left guard spot, Jeff Saturday the ninth year player out of North Carolina is the center, Jake Scott is the right guard, and Ryan Diem is the right tackle.

    The white backup linemen are Dylan Gandy, Michael Toudouze, and Daniel Federkeil.

    Indy starts two tight ends, Dallas Clark and Ben Utecht. Former first round draft pick Clark was used a lot in last year's playoffs as the team's slot receiver, where he was huge. He's sure handed and very good running after the catch. He would lead a lot of teams in receptions, but on the Colts he's destined to be only the third or fourth option.

    This year's first round pick was WR Anthony Gonzalez from Ohio State, who is of predominantly white descent. Gonzalez and Matt Jones (in 2005) are the first two white receivers drafted in the first round since 1976. Gonzalez is the slot receiver, playing the "Brandon Stokley role" named after Stokley's big season in 2004. He is very fast and hopefully will replace Marvin Harrison after he retires.

    Luke Lawton, a 6'0" 240 pounder out of McNeese State, is Indianapolis' third string tailback, the only white running back in the NFL other than Brian Leonard of the Rams, and "fullback" Heath Evans of the Patriots, who are "allowed" to run the ball occasionally. The odds are very good that Lawton will never be "allowed" to run the ball barring injuries in the same game to Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith.

    The Colts have just one white starter on defense, but a lot of white backups by current NFL standards. Rob Morris, a one-time first round draft pick of the Colts who was thought to be relegated at best to a backup role, regained a starting job at outside LB late last season and was the key player in the team's startling defensive turnaround. He starts again in 2007.

    Sixth year player Rocky Boiman from Notre Dame backs up Morris.

    Josh Thomas plays a lot of end in the Colts' line rotation, but has yet to secure a starting position. Dan Klecko also sees a fair amount of action, mainly at tackle these days, but it's a shame this talented and hard-playing athlete has yet to be given a starting position somewhere, having lined up in the NFL at fullback, tight end, linebacker and d-lineman, but always as a role player.

    Quinn Pitcock is a rookie tackle from Ohio State. End Jeff Charleston out of Idaho State is in his second NFL season.

    Anyone who watches NFL games with an observant eye and independent mind has the right to wonder if backup safety Matt Giordano is the fastest man in the NFL. All this kid does is make play after play chasing down the league's premier kick returners and ball carriers. Exhibit A is the most recent Super Bowl, when Giordano made up a lot of ground on Devin Hester during Hester's runback of the game's opening kickoff. Hester is routinely called "electric," "blindingly fast," etc. What then does that make Giordano?

    But by the rules of the NFL, Giordano is a safety rather than a cornerback, and a backup at that. Indianapolis remains a relatively "white friendly" team, but the important word here is "relatively." The NFL is an extremely white unfriendly league, fueled by an extremist racist ideology that holds that blacks are athletic supermen so vastly superior to all other races that only they and they alone are capable of playing most football positions, both as starters and as backups. It's just one of the many easily punctured Big Lies that holds sway over Americans in this age of deceit and treason.



    GRADE: C
    News Source: CasteFootball.us

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