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    Condoleeza Rice to Testify in AIPAC Spy Case
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-11-03 17:39:23 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    According to an Associated Press story yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice will be facing a subpoena to compel her to testify in the most recent AIPAC spy investigation.

    According to the story, more than a dozen White House officials will be compelled to testify as well.

    In confirmation of the thesis of Walt and Mearcheimer's book, The Israel Lobby, the AP reports: "Lobbyists Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman maintain the Israeli interest group played an unofficial but sanctioned role in crafting foreign policy and that Rice and others can confirm it."

    Personally, I have a certain respect for Israel in many arenas. They only allow their own kind to immigrate, they maintain a strong defense of their borders, and the virtual proctological exam they give you before boarding an airplane is humorless but impressive.

    But let's be realistic. Israel is half a world away, and we don't get to vote in Israeli elections. (Though perhaps we should be allowed to due to the huge amount of aid we send them every year.) So what are unelected Israeli partisans doing ... assisting the formulation of United States foreign policy?

    NO FOREIGN COUNTRY, not England, not Russia, not Zimbabwe and not Israel should be assisting us with the formulation of our foreign policy. AIPAC is an agent for a FOREIGN country and the fact they have been caught SPYING on us indicates that a clear conflict of interest exists.

    Heads up: either give American Gentiles the right to vote in Israeli elections (and run for office there) and annex them as our 51st state, or put these hacks with undying love for Israel on an El Al flight back to where their heart lies.

    Another thing one can respect about Israel: it would be a cold day in you-know-where before they'd allow American Gentiles to buy their politicians. Too bad our politicians can't learn this through observation.

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