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  • 13

    Caste Football Looks at the 2007 New York Giants
    Report; Posted on: 2007-10-15 08:36:40 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    pictured: Frank Gifford

    Back when Tom Coughlin coached the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars into almost an instant title contender, about half the Jags' starters were white. There were no white running backs, wide receivers or cornerbacks, but there was a white presence at the other positions.

    But by the time Coughlin left Jacksonville the team had slipped into mediocrity and was well on its way to being what it is now: the blackest of the black when it comes to NFL franchises, as Coughlin dispensed with white defensive players and many white offensive ones as well.

    Unfortunately the Giants look little different than Jacksonville did late in Coughlin's tenure there. There are no white starters on defense and just three white backups. One of them is rookie Craig Dahl, who is listed on various depth charts both as a safety and a hold your breath now cornerback. At which position will he play, or will he be purely a White Special Teams Demon?

    Third year man Chase Blackburn has acquitted himself well as an emergency starter at linebacker, though Giants fans even more so than the drunk white fans in other cities seem horrified any time a white player takes a defensive position. Rookie Zak DeOssie out of Brown also made the roster as a strongside LB but will be mainly utilized as a long snapper.

    Peyton's little brother is the starting quarterback, and is bound to be one of the most scrutinized QBs in the NFL this season. Eli has played well at times but his level of play has fallen off in the second half of the past two seasons. He flinches in the face of pressure, something he will have to get over if he wants to be among the best at his position.

    Jared Lorenzen, fairly mobile at 285 pounds, is one of the backup QBs.

    Big bad Jeremy Shockey is an elite tight end. His only drawback is that his all-out style of play lends itself to persistent nagging injuries. Now in his sixth season, Shockey may not be quite the fleet-footed brute he was earlier in his career but he still has the ability to gain a thousand yards if better utilized as a receiving threat. Shockey's career best receiving seasons have been 891 yards (2005) and 894 yards (2002).

    Kevin Boss, a very athletic rookie out of Western Oregon, is one of the backups to Shockey.

    The four white starting linemen are RG Chris Snee (Coughlin's son in law), C Shaun O'Hara, LG Rich Seubert, and LT David Diehl.

    Adam Koets and Grey Reugamer are backups.



    GRADE: F+
    News Source: Castefootball.us

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