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    September 25, 1396: The Battle of Nicopolis
    History; Posted on: 2007-09-25 09:44:39 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Western army defeated by Ottomans

    A Dark Day in History

    September 25 is the anniversary of the historic defeat of European crusaders on Western soil by the Muslim Turks at the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. While white children are taught that Westerners are uniquely evil practioners of imperialism, Europe has long been subjected to imperialist invasion from non-whites, an invasion that continues today as "Third World immigration."

    The Battle of Nicopolis took place near present-day Nikopol in Bulgaria's Pleven Province and pitted a pan-European force of 30,000 against an enormous Ottoman horde of over 100,000 men. The whites fielded one of the multinational armies that stand as a remarkable legacy of the Crusades, uniting Europeans across ethnic and religious lines. Among the combatants joining together for a common cause were the Venetians and Genoese -- serious business rivals -- as well as Hungarians, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Romanians, Swiss, Austrians, Poles and Scots. The multinational crusading order called the Knights of the Hospital of St. John* also took part. The battle was also remarkable because the Europeans were able to overcome serious religious divisions -- the Catholic church was in division between two papacies and the Eastern Orthodox Church was at odds with both.

    Despite the unity and single-mindedness of the Europeans, they proved no match for the crushing power of the forces of Sultan Bayezid I, who was determined to consolidate Muslim gains inside Europe with the final goal of cutting Constantinople off from the rest of Europe. His victory at Nicopolis led directly to the final defeat of Constantinople in 1453 and the dissolution of the Byzantine Empire.

    Pope Boniface IX had declared a new crusade in 1394, and a remarkable force was assembled in just two years in a period when communications were hampered by distance, war and poor roads. Despite the hard work the Westerners were crushed at Nicopolis, a standing warning to the West of the dangers we face. Tell your children about this historic defeat and reinforce the fact that "white guilt" is based on lies.

    *The Knights of the Hospital of St. John helped found the modern hospital system, and defended the Mediterranean islands of Rhodes and Malta against the Muslims.
    News Source: EAU


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