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    A Lesson From Jena
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-09-23 08:20:20 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    We European Americans must rebuild our ruined sense of self because we are under siege

    by Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    Now that the Jena 6 supporters have left the municipality of Jena Louisiana I’d like to say I’m glad the town is still intact, not having been ransacked and burned by over 10,000 black activists. I guess Al Sharpton’s exhortation for his fellow travelers not to have a “negro fit” was actually heeded for a change. In fact the smattering of deluded Caucasians marching in their midst on behalf of the so-called Jena 6 might have been butchered in a far worse manner than we are ready to comprehend.

    I won’t go into the entire sequence of events that led up to the black invasion of Jena Louisiana. During the whole of these last several days I’ve observed in numerous blogs, activist websites and radio call in shows, the analysis and conclusions of people who are much more informed about it than I. Suffice it to say, however, the truth of this matter is slowly rising above the din and obfuscation of the mass media’s handling about what actually happened. As a matter of course the media’s coverage of this squalid affair was designed to do one thing and one thing only: induce the maximum amount of guilt and self loathing in European Americans.

    With the shadow of the patron saint of Slavery looming like a storm cloud, the events leading up to the invasion of Jena Louisiana, and the invasion itself, reinforced the Orwellian Law that white Americans have never and will never be exonerated for the so-called sins of their slave master fathers. Never mind the fact that African slaves were rounded up by other Africans for payment and shipment to the New World, that’s irrelevant. Never mind the fact that white Americans freed them from slavery, gave them civil rights, affirmative action, equality, and hate crime laws. No, the sole purpose of the presentation by the media of the Free the Jena Six rap band was to reinforce white culpability, white guilt, and white shame. This kind of behavior by the press warrants unutterable punishment.

    At any rate there are two points I’d like to bring up about this protest in Jena. First, we as European Americans would do well to loudly and unambiguously express our disgust with black Americans as a whole. We should be fed up with the whining of the African-American community in this country and have no shortage of opinion and activism. In fact today’s blacks should drop to their knees and thank God Almighty their ancestors were sent to America so they could be born here in a land that was destined to be the most fruitful and advanced society European man had ever devised, and yet they keep looking for excuses to explain their genetic shortcomings. They should be ecstatic that they were not destined to live under the iron fist of their cousins Robert Mugabee in Rhodesia and Thabo Mbeki in South Africa. They are blind to the fact that in spite of being only 13% of the American population they are responsible for the majority of documented crimes on a per capita basis. Blacks have given America a culture of violence, insolence and decay. Their positive contributions can be counted on one hand. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but the exception can never BE the rule. In fact those exceptions are usually derided by their peers as acting white, just as Barak Obama. Now I might be going out on a limb here but I don’t think its too far off to say the black demonstration in Jena Louisiana was a descriptive pathology of sorts; not to free six black thugs who beat the stuffing out of a fellow white student. I believe on a fundamental intuitive level they were actually saying ‘Free us; free us from our personal shortcomings and our cultural ineptitude. Free us from the fact that nearly every Black majority city in the United States has black induced problems. ‘Free the Jena Six’ is a euphemism for ‘free us from the fact that we Blacks create problems collectively wherever we go. Free us from the fact that we know deep in our insolent hearts that we will forever refuse to acquire liability for our lives which is the principal cause of who we are and what we represent. When we say Free the Jena Six it means free us from being black. Free us from the historical fact that if we are separated from white Americans all hell will break loose.’ Alright, maybe that’s a stretch, ladies and gentlemen. Or is it?

    When a black stripper accused three white athletes of raping her in North Carolina at Duke University, the black community, led by activists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Junior and the New Black Panthers was quick to find them guilty --with an obliging media-- well before their day in court. Then when it comes to pass the woman was lying, and the white district attorney was exploiting his authority, and the three white men were innocent, did we hear any apology from anyone in the so-called black community? Did Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Junior or the New Black Panthers admit they were wrong? Of course not, and no one held them liable. So perhaps it isn’t a stretch that the Free the Jena Six demonstration, as tired and clichéd as it was, was actually an acknowledgment of black self recrimination – laced with poisonous audacity. But we have to acknowledge the truth, and that truth is blacks are keenly cognizant of race and they are never at a loss for words about it.

    And speaking of liability that brings up a second observation in the wake of the invasion in Jena Louisiana we need to talk about. European Americans have to be as bold and in-your-face as blacks are I’m sorry to say. I don’t mean we need to burn down our own neighborhoods and give the Reginald Denny treatment to passing blacks. What I’m saying is this: If we want to live, European Americans must begin today to lay the foundations for our future and our children's future. In like manner as the black activists we need to revere those who came before us and who look like us. I mean here we are the descendants of the Vikings, the Romans and the pioneers floundering in a sea of uncertainty; choking on cowardice as we go down for the last time. That kind of behavior for any other group is unthinkable. An individual without a strong group identity, a racial, ethnic, or national identity will find themselves lost in the multicultural coffee colored hell our masters in the media and federal government have planned for us. The demonstrators at Jena understand this kind of group cohesion only too well. We European Americans must rebuild our ruined sense of self because we are under siege -- as is every other White nation on earth. And then we must organize and act. Raceless capitalists, globalists and the media are the very engineers of our demise, using all manner of deception to propagandize White Americans into committing racial suicide -- while at the same time categorizing the opposition to their genocidal plans as "racism" or "hatred." Then again, what else can you expect when White Americans are subjected to non-stop anti-White brainwashing over the last 60+ years, that racism is a uniquely evil phenomenon? What else can you expect when the United Sates gives away millions of tax dollars each year in order to keep solvent any non-White group with its hand out? The contemporary fraudulent system wants to colonize our country with a "diverse," easily-subjected mass of customer slaves and corporate media zombies, so that resourceful, independent-thinking White people will be slated for replacement.

    So listen closely, my European-American friend. We must be prepared to reveal to our fellow travelers the threats facing us and the need to be ready for action --in whatever form it will take-- without apology.


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