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    European Americans United Condemns Arrest of Vlaams Belang Leadership
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-09-18 20:33:48 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    The following letter of notice will be transmitted to the embassy of Belgium in Washington D.C.

    Elie Loos
    Counselor and Consul at the Embassy of Belgium,
    3330 Garfield Street NW,
    Washington, DC 20008.

    Dear Counselor Loos;

    On behalf of the membership of European Americans United, the Board of Directors is contacting you to express our condemnation of the recent treatment and arrests in Brussels on September 11th of two law abiding members of Vlaams Belang, President Frank Vanhecke and leader Filip Dewinter, who attempted to protest the ongoing invasion of Europe by Muslims.

    The fact that your government, Mr. Loos, decided to arrest these men on a day of infamy for the United States reveals a gross lack of fairness and sensitivity.

    In spite of empirical evidence that shows Muslims hold no regard for the very survival of Western man the recent decision to authorize the ban of Vlaams Belang’s demonstration against the Islamization of Europe is shocking and indefensible. Equally unacceptable was the atrocious manner in which the Brussels police attacked and manhandled Messrs Vanhecke and DeWinter, again to the satisfaction of not only Muslims but the anti-West traitors in your midst.

    In this age of instant communication there are numerous indications showing sizable numbers of Muslims with strong majorities in key countries, regardless of their opinion of al Qaeda, share the goal of an Islamic caliphate in Europe. Ironically, the Sharia facilitating Mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans and the entire European Union is so fearful of Muslims they are willing to crush dissent by any means necessary in order to satisfy the Islamic world. This can only be described as a betrayal to the voting citizens of Brussels and Europe, and it is our sincerest hope Brussels’ heavy handed tactics against Vlaams Belang awakens millions to this fact.

    Be advised, in the spirit of good will and the continuity of our people European Americans United will step up our efforts to reach out our hand to of all the sons and daughters of European civilization.

    Very Truly;

    Board of Directors, European Americans United

    Supplemental article
    News Source: EAU Board of Directors

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