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    UK: Shock at Holiday Horror
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-09-17 10:42:34 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Labour-supporting paper does U-turn on immigration stories

    News article filed by BNP news team

    Further evidence that even those on the far-left are following the lead of the British National Party and reporting on the scandals perpetrated by those abusing international law on refugees comes from a news report in yesterday’s (16th) “People”.

    As part of the Labour supporting, anti-British Trinity Mirror Group, “The People” has long been a champion of mass migration and the destruction of British society. However the story of violent thugs attacking British holidaymakers heading back through France was clearly even a shock for People’s editorial staff.

    The paper reported that scores of violent asylum seekers have turned a sleepy French port used by thousands of British families into a new Sangatte. “People” reporter Paul Mcmullan continues:

    “Picturesque Cherbourg in Normandy has been overrun by thugs after the infamous Red Cross refugee camp 250 miles away in Calais was shut down.

    “Police chiefs and the ferry firms claim they are powerless to cope with hordes of aggressive young men from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan who...
    Break into camper vans armed with knives to force their way on board ferries. Sneak into the backs of British caravans and car boots. Co-ORDINATE raids on lorries by mobile phone. Throw rocks and pull knives on anyone near their tented city. One brave British camper armed with an air pistol managed to repel a gang by shooting one in the head. Cherbourg police chief Brigadier Anne-Sophie Renan admitted to The People: "The Iraqi asylum seekers are extremely aggressive. "We are receiving report after report of assaults on tourists. An English couple were asleep inside their camper van waiting for the ferry and a group of Iraqis broke in.

    "The man had a gun for protection inside the camper and shot one of the Iraqis in the head.

    "But we cannot just go and round them all up even though in a mob they are very dangerous."

    "Under French law, people are allowed to carry air guns and pistols which fire low-calibre shotgun cartridges for protection.

    "Many of the asylum seekers claim to be escaping the carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan but their taste for violence would make them handy recruits for the Taliban.

    "One camper van was wrecked in a hail of rocks simply because it parked too long outside "their territory" where they live with ample supplies from French charities.

    "The driver was hit on the head and showered with glass as a lump of granite hit the rear window.

    "Thierry Lesavage of Brittany Ferries said: "Already the damage to the parking area is very expensive. Some nights we get 50 pulling up the fences, crawling through.

    "'We catch many in the boat, hiding mainly in lorries but also the boots of cars and caravans. We deposit them in a wood but they're back within hours.'" Thierry added:
    "'Many charities help these people.'"

    “The tented camps are less than 50 miles from beaches where British troops fought their way ashore on D-Day in the Second World War.

    “When our investigator asked one man why he needed to go to Britain when he was already on safe European soil he replied: "I have been turned down in France.

    “"The English are soft and stupid and give me a flat, money and new clothes and food."

    “Moments after the remark that disgraced the sacrifices of British troops, our man had to flee a fresh bombardment of rocks.

    “Last night Shadow Home secretary David Davis said: "The Government claimed it had come to an agreement with the French to prevent these camps being set up.
    Now we see that was just spin."

    News Source:


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