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    Thoughts For The Voter
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-09-08 12:21:05 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Although democracy lends itself to corruption (like lead based paint lends itself to brain damage), we must engage the system or forfeit everything. Vote for Ron Paul.

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    As you may or may not know the United States is incorporated and has been for a long time, a great stumbling behemoth ready to collapse in upon itself as it tries to police the world and its people. It has now dropped to the 34th ranking country to live in when judging concerns such as education and crime. And to no ones surprise when Americans travel abroad Ė with fewer and fewer doing so Ė they are also becoming less and less welcome because of the United Corporations of Americas' atrocious foreign policy around the world. All Americans have been brainwashed since birth through the media of news and entertainment and the educational system that America is the best country in the world to live in. And to some extent that is true.

    Unfortunately it is for the most part an apparition that the American people swallow like thefood they love. Like livestock in their stalls awaiting slaughter most Americans donít know what the world is like nor do they care to learn. But they can sure cite football stats and equality platitudes. I guess thatís a part of what we call freedom. CNN, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and the like are keeping the so-called democratic patriots in thrall with the Corporationís party line, which brings us to the Republican presidential debate aired on Fox News this past week.

    In my opinion this so-called debate was the near perfect paradigm of a quote by Noam Chomsky I had to dig up later in the evening. "The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate." Well, I may not agree with Mr. Chomsky on very many things but he nailed it with that one. Thatís exactly what this political infomercial was; a limited spectrum of acceptable debate, a ďsenseĒ that free thinking is going on when itís really not. The starkest example of this lie was the way in which the Fox News debate hosts and the other system candidates treated Texas Republican Ron Paul, the lone voice in favor of less government, less taxes and closed borders but most notably his position against the war in Iraq. To a man all of the other candidates are in favor of continuing to send American troops into the Iraq meat grinder in spite of the fact that little to no peace is being made between the bloodthirsty Shiites Kurds and Sunnis, to say nothing about the inexcusable waste of over 8 billion American tax dollars by the puppet government now in place in Bagdad. Fox News hack and Giuliani booster Pawn Hannity was visibly upset when an instant message poll showed Dr. Paul to be the declared winner by the viewing audience. I wonít go into the morbid details. You can see what Iím talking about right hereatWestern Voices World News; and then go back and read again the quote (above) by Noam Chomsky.

    But the fact that all of these White House wannabes think that continuing our presence in Iraq is a good idea is a real mindblower, at least for me. I mean Republicans and Democrats, otherwise known as Republicrats, in the U.S. Congress simply do not get along when it comes to working together for our national interests. So how can these alleged presidential candidates expect radical, fanatical Sunnis Shiites and Kurds, who cannot fathom a representative republic let alone a democracy, suddenly be able to work together for the wellbeing and stability of Iraq? These politically motivated hacks must actually think that all it takes is a few more dollars and a few more deaths to make the Third World realize how beneficent we are and they will suddenly emulate the American corporation. Actually what all of these candidates (except for Ron Paul) really want is a puppet regime that will be our Middle East lapdog to defend their globalist ambitions, especially with Iran feeling the rhetorical heat. But even that suggestion is a pipe dream because it appears nuclear armed Pakistan for example, a country with a genetic population that might as well be Iraqi and a history of typical Middle Eastern brutality, is harboring the very people we are fighting or is at least making no more than token efforts to contain them. So, regardless if Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani is the next president the same corporate cycle will continue: Middle Eastern countries will continue to be supported then blackmailed, discarded and eventually even attacked if they donít toe the line -- except for Israel, of course. Just ask Serbia. Just ask Iraq. The media, which ultimately decide elections and foreign policy by favoring its own commercial and political interests, have lied about every aspect of past and current events, so why should they stop now? After all, like Ron Paul said and I canít help but agree, the same neocons that said our invasion of Iraq would be met with harps and flowers are also saying Iraq will be a bloodbath if we leave, a position none of the other candidates would refute during the debate.

    In the meantime corporate America will continue to suck cheap labor from third world countries and accrue bottomless debt on the backs of our progeny; all the while the self-confidence of the European American people in their "Homeland" inexorably comes to an end. With just a little research you will see America has fundamentally auctioned off much of its resources to foreign lands to pre-empt foreclosure on the near disaster of our internal systems and has waged wars to sidetrack the world and its "citizens.Ē With few exceptions you wonít hear any of the White House wannabes or media darlings tell you that the end is coming. The portents of this end can be seen everywhere if the veil of illusion, such as the so-called presidential debates, has not terminally blinded you. Indeed, this treasonous government is positively itching to impose martial law, internet regulation, gun control and utterly eradicate the Canadian and Mexican borders all the while ignoring the Constitution of our fathers. Further, we are allowing them to flush our prosperity and future as a people down the toilet. China and India are more than ready and able to take up the slack and every single one of those puppets participating in the presidential debates Ė with one exception-- knows that.Both intentionally and with ambivalence the system, as it is setup, will aid in the long term diminishment of Caucasian man here in the United States and it is banking on the fact that years of propaganda will induce us all to accept it.

    You see ďbig corporations now operate globally, both on the production and selling side. They leverage the threat of moving production to drive down labor and environmental standards. They and their allies have drafted international trade agreements that embed their power in law, and impinge on the ability of governments to control them. They have also created massive global trade imbalances, which threaten the future stability of the global economy. On the seller side, they are driving a homogenization of culture on a global scale.Ē [Source] This process includes war, media deception, the force of law and mindless consumerism.

    Neither side, Republican or Democrat, has a viable alternative to replace George Bush and the recent debate proved that without even any pretense. How do we know this? Because of the way the arrangement of corporate media and political ambition treated Congressman Ron Paul. They are all afraid of Ron Paul. He threatens their interests by revealing the fact that the emperor is stark naked and utterly mad. No one from either side of the same coin who is crowned King in the District of Corruption would be worth a damn especially with regard to white American voters -- whether congressman Paul acknowledges this fact or not. So like I said this system which many call a democracy lends itself to corruption like lead based paint lends itself to brain damage. It is a pernicious mechanism that pretends to give people a voice in their government while in truth it promotes the idea that maintaining an economic or political system is a form of true patriotism. It has effectively induced our people to lose sight of something greater than them selves and instead we have turned to endless distraction. Let me close by saying, there is a gap between who we are as European Americans, our role in history, and the plot of our current two-party fraud which can never be bridged unless we belong to and fight for the sum total of our people by learning from the past to defend the future. We MUST inform the gifted and dynamic among our people that despite the scientific, historical evidence of race and culture prevailing forces are at work to downplay and even deny its existence in the hopes of blending the world into an enormous multicultural Corporation. Trust me when I tell you, these people arenít playing. But neither are we.

    Thank you for listening and take care.

    Bonus Video

    News Source: Author

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