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    Video: CNN Hosts Shocked at Ron Paul Pick
    Video; Posted on: 2007-08-26 16:07:05 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    "ALL of our Constitutional rights, given to us by our Creator, however we conceive of that entity, are now subject to so many conditions and exceptions that they are hardly recognizable.

    Who, having read the First Amendment, could imagine a world in which churches are restricted from the world of politics in order to remain tax exempt? But that's the way it is. Who, having read the First Amendment, could imagine a world in which it is a crime for me, as an individual, to run an ad in a paper criticizing a politician's voting record? But that's the way it is. Who, reading the Second Amendment, could imagine a world in which many arms suitable for self-defense are outright prohibited and the exercise of the right to actually bear arms is restricted by thousands of laws and conditions? But that's the way it is. Who, having read the Fourth Amendment, could imagine the massive electronic surveillance and identification infrastructure now existing in this country under CALEA and similar laws?"

    Thus we have politicians who are enslaved by two things: the dominant media and money. Favorable media coverage at no cost to the politician is very worthwhile from a campaign perspective. So it is no surprise that many politicians take their orders from the great masters of the lie and don their fascistic ideological straightjackets. And money, at least within certain parameters, allows politicians to go straight into your mailbox, telephone, television and even have supporters knock on your door. Of course, we all know the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. Thus the politician's acceptance of money from a donor limits the range of views he will advertise to fall within the guidelines imposed by his donors." -- John Young, Host, Western Voices 


    News Source: Chaos Gone Blogspot


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