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    Arthur Bremer to be Freed
    History; Posted on: 2007-08-23 17:09:04 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    The wages of politically-correct terrorism

    Analysis exclusive to Western Voices

    Arthur Bremer, the man who gunned down presidential contender George Wallace in Maryland in 1972, is about to be released from prison, two decades before his scheduled release date.

    Now aged 57, Bremer's release, as someone who attacked and nearly killed a major US political figure is nearly unheard of, but then again Bremer's target was a segregationist firebrand who is demonized by present-day politically correct historians as a "racist." Recently, the federal government has been carrying out a series of highly dubious witch-hunts against white segregationist figures for alleged crimes going back to the 1950s and 1960s in an effort to put an official seal on those difficult days. In this context, the release of Arthur Bremer seems to be nothing less than a political move intended to sanitize the past.

    George Corley Wallace was the pugnacious Governor of Alabama running for the US presidency on a campaign stop on May 15, 1972 in Laurel, Maryland when a 21-year-old Bremer squeezed off a number of shots, five of which hit Wallace. One damaged the Governor's spine, crippling him for life and ending his presidential run. Three people in the crowd were also injured.

    Wallace was running a strong campaign that was a direct populist threat to Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" and other White House attempts to appeal to the "Silent Majority" of whites shell-shocked by the social upheavals of the 1960s. While Wallace would go on to make a number of compromises before his death in 1998, he had stood strongly against federally-mandated desegregation of schools and other public facilities, and was a hate-figure to the left and other forces who wanted to see America irrevocably changed for the worse.

    The general atmosphere surrounding Bremer's arrest and quick conviction gave ammunition to conspiracy theorists, among them George Wallace himself, who stated "I have no evidence, but I think my attempted assassination was part of a conspiracy." Bremer was quickly painted as a nutcase looking for "fame" who just as easily may have targeted Richard Nixon, the dirty tricks afficianado often pointed to as the man behind the hit. Adding to the drama was the fact that Bremer's prints were not on the gun, which itself did not match any of the bullets, and tests seemed to indicate that Bremer had not fired a weapon that day. A mysterious "diary of a madman" allegedly authored by Bremer also made an appearance.

    Nevertheless, the US government contends that Bremer was the lone gunman who attempted to murder George Wallace, who was running for the presidency of the United States. That same government is cutting Bremer's sentence in half, supposedly because of Bremer's angelic behavior in the joint.

    The essential halving of Bremer's sentence is in line with the "one law for them" justice system in America. Routinely, people accused or convicted of antiwhite crimes are handled with kid gloves and are often treated as heroes by some.

    Laudatory films have been made about the Weathermen (or Weather Underground), a largely-Jewish baby-boomer terror gang that carried out attacks on the US; all of the few convicted are now out of jail, many with professorships and other influential jobs. Members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (the group that kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst) were similarly given easy sentences. Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin (a Bryn Mawr College alumnus) joined with the Black Liberation Army in 1981 to help rob a Brinks armored car in Nanuet, New York, a caper which ended in the death of two cops. Boudin, Jewish daughter of leftist aristocracy who had studied in the Soviet Union, was released from prison in 2003.

    Even Wesley Cook (AKA Mumia Abu Jamal), a former Black Panther on death row for the 1981 slaying of a (white) Philadelphia policeman, has been kept alive by a combination of far-left histronics, official cowardice, and the collaboration of high level officials who don't want to see a riot in Philadelphia if the cop-killer is executed. In various outrageous displays, Jamal has been allowed to present speeches to various graduating classes (on tape) and has even appeared on federal government-owned PBS stations.

    More recently, a group of "eco-terrorists" who are part of the anti-"fascist" and animal rights fringe were given hard sentences under mandatory federal guidelines, after causing multi-millions in damage. But their sentencing was marked by sympathy from the judge, who lauded their views, not their methods.

    This kind of "even-handedness" is unthinkable for people accused of politically-incorrect actions. One does not have to approve of illegality to see a double standard in play, part of the social engineering America has been, and continues, to undergo.
    News Source: Special Correspondent


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