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    A Member's Thoughts on the 16th Amendment
    General; Posted on: 2007-08-20 13:15:43 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    by John Young

    Illustration: the U.S. government's kind and gentle approach to tax law, taken near the home of Ed and Elaine Brown

    Off and on, we've had a rather vigorous debate on these pages about the Ed Brown saga.

    EAU is blessed with many very thoughtful and intelligent members, a large percentage of whom have spent a great deal of time studying our law and Constitution. These are some of the finest and brightest people on the face of the planet, and when one of them disagrees with me, I would be foolish to discard their arguments.

    It is in this spirit that I am printing the comments of one of our members below. I commend them to you highly!

    In a constitutional republic there are no "de facto" laws. In addition to the fact that we became an independent nation due to an onerous tax burden, if there is no law, then it is a "de facto" crime for anyone, under color of law, to lay or collect such a tax. (income tax -- ed.) Think RICO. If I am being overly technical forgive me, but rigid adherence to a body of laws is really part and parcel of the many "agreements" we westerners enter into on a daily basis that enables us to maintain civilization.

    Say the 16th Amendment was properly ratified. We are told everyday about all of these purported freedoms we have, yet we are not free to keep the fruits of our productivity? As a matter of fact after the myriad taxes we pay, at the end of the day we keep only about 40-45% of what we produce. I believe that is the arrangement the Tsar had with his citizens before serfdom was abolished circa 1861. In America sharecroppers usually kept about 40% of their production at best. In feudal Europe it was about the same.

    My friend, I ask you, are we any freer than a U.S. sharecropper, a Russian serf or a feudal subject? Do not list all of the gadgets and gizmos we get to play with after a day toiling in the field. Even African slaves in America had creature comforts. Forget technology also. You must look at the SUBSTANTIVE elements of our relationship with our government, or should I say Lords. We are high tech field hands. We are fat and happy, over-sexed, over-drugged, over-entertained subjects. Look to the substance of the relationship. It is pure master/servant.

    Again, what if the 16th amendment was properly ratified? The founding principle upon which the American republic rests is freedom and personal liberty. The founding fathers SPECIFICALLY and frequently referenced the reality of a republics' likelihood of descending into tyrrany. To this end they gave the citizens the right to overthrow a tyrranical government. The right of redress of grievances has been ignored. Most of our other forms of recourse have continually proven useless (think California's Prop. 187.)

    So with what are we left to keep the flame of liberty, lit by the blood and genius of countless patriots, alight? The Brown' s and Schiff's of this country are doing what their consciences tell them they must do. When enough dissenters become sufficiently outraged, maybe we will regain our freedom. The 2nd amendment was included in the Bill of Rights because the founding fathers knew that tyrany is the rule for governments. They were not utopian dreamers and it was their pragmatism that secured for us the greatest country known to mankind. A land of infinite possibilities, which can be realized ONLY if we remain free. I certainly hope we are not forced to rely upon that "original right."

    Just my 2 cents. I understand where you are coming from, but I am concerned that too many well intentioned people have developed the mindset of slaves. I accord you all proper respect, however I vigorously disagree with what you wrote.

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