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    Audio: Mark Levin: Don't Vote for Ron Paul
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-08-19 12:33:09 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Neoconservative hack enraged at Ron Paul supporters.

    Levin: Do you believe that the border should be opened?
    Caller: No. (A Ron Paul platform)—Editor
    Levin: Well, what do you believe?

    This enlightening exchange occurs at 6:49. The insinuation visibly follows an insane kind of logic: You don't believe in this and you don't believe in that, so evidently you don't believe in anything. This is unmistakably irrational (since not believing in something is now the equivalent to believing in its opposite), but such is the modus operandi in the neoconservative’s world view. The caller begins to balk at the illogic of the question and even goes so far as to attempt to call him on it - "Congratulations, I think you and other talk show hosts..." - but the fix was in. Mr. Levin in due course goes into a wild rant and exhorts his listeners to call Congressman Ron Paul’s Washington campaign office and tell them they aren’t going to win the presidential election.

    Since Mr. Levin and his fellow radio hacks Shaun Hannity and Rush Limbaugh claim to share the same ‘conservative’ viewpoints as Dr. Paul, we have to wonder what motivates them to either ignore or outright condemn a candidate who elucidates these beliefs so clearly.

    --Frank Roman


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    News Source: YouTube


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