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    What Will You Do?
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-08-18 11:34:49 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    “Give a man a fish and he has one meal, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.”

    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version

    On these Western Voices World News broadcasts and news bulletins, we have comprehensively shown you matters of extreme importance to our people, who are the American men and women of European descent. We’ve discussed the federal government’s ongoing attempt to mexicanize the United States by allowing millions of Third World squatters into our cities and neighborhoods. We’ve discussed the appalling marginalization of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights all in the name of safety and security by simplifying for you the disaster in Iraq as our brethren are run through the meat grinder. We have pointed out numerous deceptions in the realms of banking and how it affects your long term status, the vindictiveness of certain so-called civil rights groups and the media; both of whom have a full nelson death grip on our political establishment. We have examined how badly the vast majority of our people are cowed by the very thought of having a sliver of Caucasian racial consciousness while they worship black celebrities, preferring instead to allow their children’s futures to be engulfed by multiculturalism, psychotic tolerance and their all consuming urge to place materialism above their own identity. These things and so many more are incredibly important subjects to judge and think about; and we have always asked that you consider European Americans United as the vehicle to meet the challenges these issues have placed before us all. We have asked that you help us engage the system on our people’s behalf –on our terms- to become that tireless minority lighting brushfires in the minds of our community.

    To listen to the siren song of the Republicrats racial and cultural diversity is something that‘s supposed to be good for society.  We are supposed to be enriched and strengthened by an ever expanding coalition of differences. Of course, there are people who are a lot brighter and much more perceptive than the lawmakers and social scientists that study the actual impact of diversity on society and have come to the conclusion it is in fact destructive to society and communities. Oh sure, there’s always someone who will gladly point out to you that this isn’t so, since in their minds exceptions are always the rule. At any rate, while we should be thankful for the intensifying white ethnic rumblings taking place around the globe, the potential worldwide racial disaster that is brewing in Europe and America has me thinking about our survival when there is less talk and more action. So today I want to approach this directive in a slightly different bearing and for three reasons. One is to point out that nothing can be guaranteed in terms of the overwhelming success of the survivability of our people and our nation. That is the reality. The enemies of our people here in America and around the world are deeply committed to our demise. Their pockets are bottomless and their deceptive agendas of malice have long ago been written in stone. And indeed all of the evidence clearly leads a rational person to these conclusions. As matter of fact more and more people are realizing that the plans the U.S. government has been following for the last few decades –- especially since the mid 90’s -- are predictably leading to tragedy. At the same time a growing number of people – like you-- are seeing their fellow citizens entertaining their dead end distractions and myopic world view.

    Secondly, since EAU wants to see our people not only survive but prosper in an increasingly hostile political and social environment, it is imperative that we follow Natures command to do so. Either as an organization or as individuals, we have to face the fact that once America’s founding race is sufficiently marginalized all else will be unresolved.

    Third, my question for you today is what will you do on behalf of your family, your people and your nation when critical mass is achieved?*

    Well before 9-11, the world’s governments had adopted a new push for control of the human population. They have marshaled their power in various ways including the formation of the European Union with its hallmark colossal Third World migrations into Europe, and nation killing trade policies here in America such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, the World Trade Organization and now their crowning achievement the Security and Prosperity Partnership. We have seen the rise of surveillance and its consequences on everyday people who may disagree with the war in Iraq for example; or the implementation of Cheka-styled public consequences for blaspheming the creed of racial equality. We have witnessed the senseless public executions of Randy Weavers family and the Branch Davidians at Waco at the hands of our federal government. Could you survive if our current way of life clearly began to deteriorate; if Peak Oil jumped out of the closet and the economy went the way of the Great Depression? Could you feed, clothe, and house your family? Would you be able to keep up with the news and receive valuable information? Have you made yourself known to others of like mind? If things were to reach dangerous turning point what would you do?

    There are numerous places to find this information and it is up to you to look for it. But the real fight will be convincing yourself that in spite of your comfortable situation things are not as they seem. A growing body of evidence is revealing how simply it can all come crashing down. As individuals there are many things we need to do to give us any chance at all of surviving the struggle our enemies have placed before us. You see, as a race our resourcefulness, our adventurous character, our mating and protective moral fiber have been overshadowed and marginalized by modern society. By this I mean that you –we- need to reassess who we are, what we want, and how we should go about it. We can start by getting rid of debt, having no lien on our property, grow and store our own food, produce our own electricity, have at least 1 year’s worth of supplies on hand. The more we can do for ourselves without depending on society, the better off we are. Food, medical care and protection from crime are used as weapons by the governments of the world. We need to cut the chains of slavery and control from off of our necks before we can begin to make a difference if and when the talking stops. Find other members and interact to help each other. Form a small group to work together because even just two motivated individuals can do more than one. But also consider this: to survive as a group in-depth organization will be obligatory. No, I’m not talking about packing up and moving to a remote mountain outpost huddled over a ham radio with a rifle in your lap.

    Allow me to suggest to you in practical terms to do other things; like getting an inverter and a battery to run your refrigerator. See if it’s possible to drill your own water well so that your water can’t be turned off.  While there’s still a little time learn to grow, can, and store your garden vegetables and meat so that you can still eat when food becomes a precious commodity.  Give your children a life affirming proper education yourself. Instill racial pride in them by teaching them what European man has given not only to themselves but the entire world, and why were still paying for it; that they have real hero’s to emulate rather than the mirages they see on television. In fact reign in your TV right now. Show them the way our enemies are hurting them and their progeny while enriching a few investors and globalists in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. Help them to overcome decades of our own apathy and refusal to face objectionable facts. If you can get them to open their eyes and minds to see for them selves, you have done more for our race than anything else you could have ever done, for they are the future. One tenet that holds true in this regard is “Give a man a fish and he has one meal, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.” This is the attitude all of us should include with anything we do in life. Our own government long ago abandoned the principles it derived from our founding fathers by turning against their descendants. It is the fortitude and cleverness of we Americans they fear the most will upset their global plans. This government which seeks to model itself on the very worst of Marxist ideology will take more than --I hope-- the people are willing to give.  Does this sound like a government that has its citizen’s best interest at heart? We all saw the answer following hurricane Katrina. And we are certainly seeing the answer following the attack on 911. I am pleased to observe however, that there’s a growing loss of faith in the System by people from every socioeconomic level, and this can only lead to more and more of them taking a second look at our message.

    If we want to underwrite our survival, we have to do for ourselves as a race –without even thinking about it- as we did before at the dawn of our kind. And don’t forget the widows, single mothers and children out there that have nobody to provide and protect them. They need our help too and your good words. We need to care for our own since nobody else will. As a general policy the United States government seeks to mollify and fund any and all non-white advocacy group with an axe to grind that comes down the pike. Today’s system caters to them at our expense and we have let this happen by contemplating too much on the short-term, monetary and entertainment consequence of our decisions while ignoring the nationwide and genetic consequences of those decisions. So I ask: what are you willing to do to stop or at least to minimize the damage its doing to our people? Will the United States be the next Palestine, Kosovo or Tiananmen Square?  How, my friend, will history remember you? Learn to do everything you can for yourself. Learn how to fix your vehicle, teach your children, grow and store food, build and talk on ham radio, fix a broken leg, wire your home for electricity, etc. and put into practice all that you have learned. In other words, wean yourself from that which is unstable and top heavy. Take another look at the susceptibility of what you consider to be permanence and look to yourself and the history of your race a guide. No one is saying we have to retreat and become a fringe element. We have to continue to engage the system in order to change it but it shouldn’t end there. As I said you can never know what the future holds, but all indications are it will not be good. Find good people of a like mind and then join us at European Americans United today in order to facilitate the educational phase now --before that is no longer possible.

    I can’t think of a better way to make a difference for the future of our people.

    *Many thanks to future EAU member WAB for contributing to this broadcast.







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