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    A Zero
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-08-17 22:37:26 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Bonds has not only destroyed the last shred of honor the sport of baseball had but he has also done what was once unthinkable- made the home run boring."

    by J. B. Cash
    Caste Football

    Barry Bonds finally hit home run number 756. Good. Now everyone can go home. The freak show is over. The media waited years for this guy to get the record, now he's got it and it was no big deal. Has there ever been so large a sports milestone that so few people cared about?

    Bonds, HRs = 756 Respect = 0

    In a sad way Barry Bonds is a fitting holder of the most "hallowed" of sports records. That is because baseball in America has become a metaphor of the many failures of our society, and Barry Bonds is not only a product of those failures but also one of the biggest representatives.

    According to those close to him Barry Bonds is an anti-white racist and a vile, ill-mannered bully who is genuinely disliked by nearly everyone that knows him. He cheated on his way to setting the record and the phony manner with which he has acquired it will be his lasting legacy.

    Racist, bully, illegal drug user, woman abuser, cheater, liar, are a few of the more well publicized failings of baseball's all-time home run leader. But because he is black, and our society is literally addicted to sports, we are forced to pay homage to the man and his "achievements."

    Bonds has not only destroyed the last shred of honor the sport of baseball had but he has also done what was once unthinkable- made the home run boring. This man has hit so many media choreographed home runs that have been played over and over on every sports broadcast in the nation (and there are thousands!) that the repeated sight of him and his mechanical swing is enough to cause nausea.

    Some guys who hit home runs are fun to watch. They seize the bat like a club and swing at the ball with an angry rage as if they are fending off attackers. A home run for them is a victory of man over nature. But for the steroid-pumped-up Bonds it is a yawn-inducing cut at the ball which produces another anabolic assisted fly ball, that lazily drifts into the stands instead of into an outfielder's glove. Ho-hum.

    The record has bought him no love. None. Hank Aaron and Bud Selig sent their congrats, faint praise to be sure. Bonds has spent his whole career trying to get Whitey's attention - growing up in white neighborhoods, dating and marrying white women, harping about racism that he never experienced. The guy has lived one of the most charmed lives in human history yet he seems to be the grumpiest, unhappiest man in sports. What gives?

    One wonders if Bonds likes baseball at all or if he has merely played the game just to wreak some cosmic vengeance on white people. As angry and unhappy as he has been these last few years it's a wonder he didn't take his millions and go home. Would you put up with the grief for so long?

    It has been said that he was bitter over how his father was treated. His father bounced around with several teams during his career fighting the dual curses of alcohol abuse and unrealized talent. And racism too I guess. Although I doubt that the elder Bonds experienced anything much worse than the average white person experiences when they get stranded in a black neighborhood.

    We have to assume that black people are the most emotionally weak people on the planet because they are forever bitching about other people not liking them. Memo to black people: Get over it! You're not that likable in the first place. You don't even like each other very much from what we can see. Just because we laugh at you and watch you play sports once in a while doesn't mean we want to take you home with us. Geez, is a whole race so clueless about this?

    We hear endlessly of the "virulent racism" that black people faced, especially in the "Deep South". Aside from lynchings performed a long time ago, many of which were the result of punishments for crimes committed, and the complaint that they had to sit at the back of the bus, which is where black people cluster nowadays anyway, what's the beef now? What kind of "racism" are blacks the victims of in the South or anywhere else today? Getting called names once in a while? Boo-hoo. I'd take a few angry insults over the kinds of crime being inflicted on my people by blacks every single day. We're talking about many thousands of murders and rapes each year. It might be a good idea to stop whining so much about the n-word as you kill and assault the group you're blaming. Someday they might just wake up.

    Perhaps because Bonds grew up in an affluent white neighborhood it caused him to be brainwashed by the guilt trip that the white education system tries to dump on their kids. So maybe Bonds actually believed all that crap and it put the idea in his head that white people owed him something and when he didn't get it he figured he'd get even.

    In the tell-all book on Bonds called "Game of Shadows" his anti-white racism was well documented. According to this book, he was angry when Mark McGwire set the single season home run record: "On that trip (to McGwire's home city of St. Louis in May 1998) Bonds began making racial remarks about McGwire to Kimberly Bell (Bond's girlfriend). According to Bell he would repeat them throughout the summer, as McGwire and Sammy Sosa, the buff, fan-friendly Chicago Cubs slugger who also was hitting home runs at an amazing rate, became the talk of the nation.

    "'They're just letting him do it because he's a white boy,' Bonds said of McGwire and his chase of Maris's record. The pursuit by Sosa, a Latin player from the Dominican Republic, was entertaining but doomed, Bonds declared. [JB Cash comments: Sosa is as black as Bonds so the "Latin player" is a bit of misdirection by Bonds and the author.] As a matter of policy, 'They'll never let him win,' Bonds said.

    "As he sometimes did when he was in a particularly bleak mood, Bonds was channeling racial attitudes picked up from his father, the former Giants star Bobby Bonds, and his godfather, the great Willie Mays, both African-American ballplayers who had experienced virulent racism while starting their professional careers in the Jim Crow South. Barry Bonds himself had never seen anything remotely like that: He had grown up in an affluent white suburb of San Francisco, and his best boyhood friend, his first wife and his present girlfriend all were white. When Bonds railed about McGwire, he didn't articulate who 'they' were, or how the supposed conspiracy to rig the home run record was being carried out. But his brooding anger was real enough, and it continued throughout a year in which he batted .303, hit 37 home runs, made the All-Star team for the eighth time and was otherwise almost completely ignored."

    The McGwire vs. Sosa race was one of the most exciting seasons in baseball. Both players were likable. Big Mac was well aware of his position in the game and he carried himself in a manner befitting the icon he was, as did Sosa by the way. Contrast this with the behavior of Bonds. Virtually no one likes the guy. Even the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, who has never met a pro-black cause he didn't want to lie down and roll around in, basically blew off Bonds' chase of the record. He ignored it as much as he could, showed a little interest when the time came near, then backed off again.

    And Hank Aaron was even more negative towards Bonds. Aaron is no Pollyanna himself; he has expressed a lot of bitterness over his perception of racial animosity directed towards him during his playing days. Because of that Aaron has become a quiet kind of "angry black man." Aaron also has not shown up anywhere near Bonds. It is kind of startling considering the common dislike for "the man" that both Bonds and Aaron harbor. It's just another sign that Barry Bonds couldn't make a friend if he sponsored an open bar at an Irish wake.

    Bonds is 43. The steroids and HGH have prolonged his career but if past evidence is any indication, his retirement years are going to be rough. He's already hurting in several places and clearly the pain in his heart is still there. No amount of home runs is going to cure that. He is looking at the end of the only thing that he ever did that allowed people to put up with him. He has reached his goal and there is really nothing left for him in the game.

    Oh and by the way, sticking around forever to achieve a career mark is a sign of an insecure egotist. Most baseball statistics are based on averages, not totals. So. . .

    Top 10 Fewest At Bats to Reach 500 Home Runs (statistic courtesy of "Weltner")

    Mark McGwire - 5,487
    Babe Ruth - 5,801
    Harmon Killebrew - 6,671
    Sammy Sosa - 7,036
    Jimmy Foxx - 7,084
    Alex Rodriguez - 7,175
    Mickey Mantle - 7,300
    Mike Schmidt - 7,336
    Ted Williams - 7,454
    Barry Bonds - 7,502
    (#15: Hank Aaron - 8,612)

    All white except for Sosa (also probably 'roided up) and A-Rod (who should embrace his Euro-Spanish ancestry). Bonds barely makes the Top 10. Clearly the best all-time HR guys are white.

    So to Barry Bonds we say: Your record is phony, you aren't half the man Ruth was, and no matter how many people are cheering when you play, white people still don't like you.
    News Source: CasteFootball.us


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