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    European Americans United Condemns Hartford Advocate Hit Piece
    Activism; Posted on: 2007-08-15 17:54:38 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    A response to real hate.

    In the August 3rd online edition of the Hartford Advocate there was an article detailing their horror of a European American family, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, having seventeen children. The actual author of the hit piece, Alan Bisbort, refers to Michelle Duggar as a “bitch in heat” and her children as “puppies.” Mr. Bisbort also heaped a correspondingly high dosage of mockery upon this loving family because they are Christian, southern and white. Following a torrent of outrage and anger from scores of readers, the article in question ‘Too many People’ was subsequently pulled from the August 3rd  edition of the Hartford Advocate and is no longer available. However, we were able to attain a good portion of it (see below). 

    As a matter of course this kind of hatred is rooted in a form of hypocrisy that can only be described as institutional psychosis. While the Hartford Advocate sees no problem with millions of Third World invaders from Mexico teeming across the southern border of the United States and taking full advantage of myriad taxpayer funded social services – most likely implemented by the same kind of people who would approve of the Hartford Advocates’ portrayal of the Duggar family – we can only conclude this publication bears a striking hatred for European Americans. After all, would this specious 'journal' and its authors dare to admit that illegal aliens are bankrupting and looting the American Treasury? Further, would Mr. Bisbort attempt to write the same kind of article, complete with appropriate insults, regarding a black family not to mention address the high rate of black illegitimacy and its drain on American society in the form of crime and welfare?

    European Americans United mailed the following rejoinder (Aug.13th) to the offices of the Hartford Advocate editors. We also sent a copy to the ‘author’ Alan Bisbort for his perusal.

    To: Hartford Advocate Editor Alistair Highet

    121 Wawarme Ave.

    1st Floor

    Hartford, CT 06114

    Dear Editor,

    We were shocked to read the posted comments of Alan Bisbort on your website regarding Jim Bob Duggar’s family. The dehumanizing terminology and gratuitous ethnic slurs against European-Americans were quite beyond the pale and need to be addressed. Ask yourself the following question: Would you have tolerated the same negative assumptions about a person named Rufus Rastus or Moshe Benjamin as you tolerated regarding a man named Jim Bob? The only difference is that the latter name is stereotypically a European-American from South of the Mason-Dixon line.

    It is time for you to understand that in a global economy with rapidly diminishing borders for both goods and people, persons of European ancestry are a distinct minority comprising less than ten percent of the entire world's population -- a proportion that is decreasing every day. In such an environment, cultural sensitivity to persons of European ancestry is every bit as important as for any other definable population group. What we are saying is that racist slurs that describe a European-American as being unintelligent because he is named Jim Bob are just as intolerable as similar slurs made on the basis of names like Rufus or Moshe.

    Sometimes, people such as your correspondent who are brimming with self-righteous idiocy lose sight of humanity to such an extent that they are not even fully aware of the implications of the positions they advocate, let alone risking your publication’s assets to needless legal action.

    For example, the writer pointed out that excessive population growth is a serious problem. If we take this as a given, and also look at Census Bureau statistics, we discover that in spite of a few folks like the Duggar family having quite a few kids, European-Americans as a whole are having too few children to even replace themselves. On the other hand, immigrants (both legal and illegal) from Third World countries like Mexico and El Salvador are having TWICE as many kids as would be needed to replace themselves. The argument based upon the writer's values is clear: we must end all Third World immigration. It is thus impossible to reconcile your correspondent's advocacy of population control with anything less than a moratorium on immigration. Or was he advocating population control for European-Americans ONLY, a position synonymous with genocide as defined by the United Nations?

    Your correspondent was likewise unable to avoid the minefield of eugenics. Like so many people who give themselves credit for being far smarter than they really are, the writer has essentially argued that the Duggar family is stupid, and that "stupid people shouldn't breed." Notwithstanding the fact that the writer has no factual basis for his assumption of the stupidity of the family in this case and has instead relied upon racist stereotypes, his argument is that government should have the power to control who has children, and how many children they can have, based upon the intelligence of the parents.

    His implication, based upon the racist stereotype, is that government shouldn't let stupid *white* people have children.

    Without getting into the merits of the writer's advocacy of eugenics, his concentration on applying it to European-Americans of Southern stock as opposed to across-the-board meets the United Nations' definition of genocide. The fact that his genocidal leanings are aimed at the European-derived minority of the world's population doesn't make it any more tolerable than if it had been aimed at Jews or blacks.

    The fact that such commentary was given is sad. You should pay close attention and understand that mindless hatred directed at European-Americans is intolerable, and advocacy of genocidal programs should be balanced with responses by reasonable and responsible ethnic advocacy groups such as European Americans United.

    While we love the Constitution too much to ever advocate that the free speech of hateful and genocidal people like your correspondent be abridged, we do think that responsible advocacy groups like EAU should be given an opportunity to respond.

    Very truly;

    European Americans United Board of Directors



    P.S. European Americans United has since learned Mr. Brisbort extended what he considers to be a public apology to the Duggar family. We considers his effort to apologize as half hearted at best, and we therefore reject it.

    Cc: Alan Bisbort


    TOO MANY PEOPLE (partial)

    By Alan Bisbort

    Michelle Duggar of Rogers, Arkansas is a bitch in heat. Literally. She just gave birth to her 17th puppy, er, child. The tone of the Associated Press story that accompanied this horrifying news was one of celebration. I mean, my gosh, 17 children! In a world bursting at the seams with more than 6 billion of us! This is nothing to celebrate. This is something to curse. For one, the taxpayers of Rogers, Arkansas must be up in arms. They have to foot the bills for all these kids’ educations, the public services to water them and wash their shit, piss and puke away, the roads to carry their trucks and SUVs, the public welfare to support them when they falter. And just imagine how much the neighbors on either side of them just love the Duggars!

    Egads. Idon’t understand the tolerance that we have for this as a society. For God’s sake, will someone tell Mr. Duggar (who is, of course, named Jim Bob) to get fixed and/or Mrs. Duggar to get spayed?

    Are you ready for more nausea? Get this: The entire brood of Duggar pups live in a 7,000 square foot home, and every single one of the puppies’ names starts with “J”. Among the "fun facts" listed on Discovery Health's Web page devoted to the Duggars: the Duggars have gone through an estimated 90,000 diapers, and Mrs. Duggar—aka Queen Bitch—has been pregnant for 126 months — or 10.5 years — of her adult life.

    Why is this story treated as something other than what it is: grotesque and freakish?

    It is amazing how in denial we all are about human overpopulation. Put simply (and we all know it, but won’t say it out loud): There are too many fucking people. There are too many people fucking, and not using contraception.

    As my friend Parke says, “Instead of being celebrated, their profligate procreation should be decried and mandatory sterilization imposed immediately upon these crazy people. I propose: a progressive federal tax on children beyond the second one per couple. Or at least eliminating tax deductions for them.The single most important issue of our time is the one no one talks about: overpopulation. You would think it's a four-letter word from the way that politicians of all stripes avoid it.”

    Section: http://www.hartfordadvocate.com/blogs/home.cfm?uid=26 pulled

    Contact for Alan Bisbort:beatbort@sbcglobal.net

    Other Hartford Advocate contacts:

    121 Wawarme Ave.
    1st Floor
    Hartford, CT 06114
    (860) 548-9300 (860)548-9335 fax

    Group Publisher:Janet Reynolds

    Editor:Alistair Highet

    Managing Editor:John Adamian

    Associate Editor:Emily Dreyfuss

    Listings Editor:Brianna Snyder

    Staff Writers:Adam Bulger Daniel D'Ambrosio Jennifer Abel

    Advertising Director: Michael Lawrence

    News Source: EAU Board of Directors

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