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    Blood Red Political Correctness
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-08-11 13:39:44 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Serve the tyrant no more

    by Frank Roman

    Audio Version 14:50 

    Our vast European American homeland was discovered and built upon principles exclusive in the whole narration of mankind. It was no mistake that these righteous ideas of freedom and integrity that became the foundation of the Constitution are the select creation of European man’s intelligence. Once they were envisioned and proclaimed, these far-reaching ideals had to be defended by our founding fathers so that our inheritors could carry on the great mission that became America, an America based on the greatest inclinations and ideals of the men of Europe. My fellow European Americans, this is your inheritance and more importantly this is who you are: the creation and recipient of the noblest ideals, strongest convictions, and inexorable willpower of our white founding fathers. Those who created the greatest nation in the chronicles of mankind most suitable for our people did not envision Haitians, Nigerians, Mexicans, Arabs, Cubans, or any other Third World stowaway who violate our nation’s integrity; who Mr. Bush refers to as the American people.


    Political correctness is evil, and I’m not talking about the brand of PC that says we have to use less offensive words, such as referring to short people as having ‘elevation deficiency so we don’t hurt their feelings.’ No, I’m talking about the kind of PC spawned by those who were born without a shred of conscience or an ounce of morality coursing through their vile blood. These disciples of PC have wrought havoc upon our nation and especially our people, the American men and women of European decent. Nearly 70 years ago, when television became the prime instrument of social change in the hands of the same pack of devils that created PC and it became a permanent guest in the majority of American’s homes, our people began to experience a corresponding decline in their identity. They began to think, or perhaps feel, that the confidence they had once experienced without words was slowly becoming replaced with an uncertainty about their identity and how they should view their world. They began to think in muddled fashion about themselves, experiencing a shift in perception of their place in the grand scheme of a Euro-centric West. What they didn’t comprehend is their racial narration was being rewritten instead of mere phrases and words; to make it incomprehensible by maligning their genius and achievements. Here then, were the descendants of the Normans and the Romans, the Vikings and the Celts gradually being hoodwinked by the high priests of political correctness until the disease blossomed during the 60’s, becoming the minefield they were then -and now- commanded to wade through. In fact many of these people were merely a generation removed from the Great Depression during which only the most resourceful were allowed to survive. It took shared relations inside the system who were giving Old America access to dangerous ideas through our universities, schools, churches and television; in other words they are a group with a goal.

    I mean really, how else would a people be convinced, for example, to renounce the immeasurable differences in civilization between Africa, India and Europe other than through a measured and calculated plan? How else would they put up nothing less than ineffective resistance at forced busing, or allow their churches to promote the adoption of non-white children, or continue to send their progeny off to universities that had become nothing less than Marxist brainwashing camps by the same coven of nation killers? They, our people, were and continue to be transfixed by the entertainment industry’s promotion of black movie stars and black athletes, which ultimately became the acceptance of wholesale miscegenation. Today, the system’s puppet masters keep telling us that racism is evil and to combat it there should be hard-hitting sentences for so-called hate crimes. They’re continually pushing the government to take a leading role in developing legislation that prohibits racism in all its forms. They want the government to promote cultural trade programs whereby college students’ vacation in other countries before they graduate so as to cultivate tolerance. They want the media and the churches to take responsibility in educating their communities about racial lenience. And when I say ‘they’ I don’t just mean the manipulators of ideas and the distorters of history who have always acted in accordance with a deliberate plan, which is all it could be. ‘They’ includes tens of millions of our own people who have bought into these lies and who now condemn the rest of us who oppose it. And you know what? They’re getting what they want, and have been, for a long, long time now. Mere repetition and negative reinforcement has promoted political correctness to the point that many people now translate its platforms as practically another book out of the Bible.

    Political correctness says we all must be committed to respecting diversity, the definition of which is so broad and ‘inclusive’ it deliberately fails to recognize the historical reality of race. And yet these liars will tell us in the next breath that we’re all the same because we all bleed red. Well so do pit bulls, German shepherds and collies. Are they all the same? So do Irishmen, Somalis and Mexicans bleed red, are they all the same? Well of course not. All you have to do is take a look at the civilizations these groups have developed in their respective countries. But the arbiters of political correctness, the promoters of open borders, anti hate laws and equality don’t really care about such trifling details, and they can get quite hostile about it.  For example, if you try to explain to these people that a primary motivation for your racial activism is the fact that only 8 to 11 percent of the earth’s population is derived from Europe and the child bearing population of white women languishes at only 2 percent, forget about it. If you try to explain to them that the inevitable result of integration constitutes our genocide as defined by the United Nations, it will result in your being labeled an extremist, a hater, or a ‘Nazi.’ However, countries like Russia, China and India have very little to no tolerance for such rotten tripe. But you can be sure there are ongoing efforts by the same kinds of Marxists and anarchists in these places to undermine those places as well. In my opinion some of these egalitarian cranks become aggressive to anyone who breaches a politically correct rule, or says something that makes a little too much sense, provides a token idea that they have been rendered powerless. For at least some of these cretins it’s debasing to be reminded of their surrender to the enforcement of what they know in their hearts to be false. Consequently they lash out at those who talk about the awful truth. I also have the unsettling notion that the only things that are going to awaken our financially secure brethren in the verdant recesses of Subdivision America -- the only things that will kick start an involuntary or intentional acceptance of racial reality and survival -- will be more Black crime, more Third World invaders, more lost rights, and more financial hardship. But while I hope it doesn’t come to that no possibility can ever be excluded, especially if the plot that makes these things possible continues to appear ludicrous to the average citizen of modern America. And even then I’m not holding out much hope for even a slim majority of these otherwise good people to take definitive action. That’s why we, ‘the tireless minority keen on setting brushfires in the mind,’ European Americans United, must continue our endeavors undeterred. We have to light fires in the minds of our people that globalization, open borders, racial and cultural equality, and liberalism is fatal to the existence of the United States.

    They have to be told in no uncertain terms that heredity is the governing role in forming an academic and cultural nation. Without mincing words (when the time is right) they have simply got to know that egalitarianism and miscegenation is destructive because it ruins the finer qualities peculiar to Caucasian man and the genetic identity of all races. While we are pointing out that the United States suffers from multicultural regimentation  their children’s futures are being robbed right off the trays of their high chairs. Therefore, it is high time we deny the high alter of political correctness its next sacrament. Ladies and gentlemen, I must remind you of the words of French philosopher Étienne de la Boétie who told us to "Resolve to serve no more and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces."

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