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    The 'Gun Nuts' Were Right
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-08-10 19:35:45 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    What the author refers to as "gun nuts" are by and large normal folks who just take their self-defense seriously.

    By Keith C. Burris

    In the aftermath of the Petit family slayings in Cheshire, we all reached for explanations: How do human beings sink this low? How could this tragedy have been prevented? Why?

    There are so many nagging questions. They all need to be asked. And maybe some old arguments need to be hashed out again.

    Why not a more stringent "three strikes and you're out" law in this state? Connecticut's version is so weak that it's more like "30 strikes and we'll think about it while you strike again."

    Why not speed up the criminal trial process for repeat violent offenders? Get them off the streets. It's been proposed many times. Most people agree it should be done. It never happens.

    Can't we better monitor the probation process?

    Can't we do a better job of predicting -- figuring out which non-violent criminals are about to turn violent?

    Are home alarms really effective?

    How about dogs?

    But somehow all of these ideas pale before the barbarity of this particular crime.

    That is why one old question is worth asking again. It is this: What if the Second Amendment is for real? Is it possible that it should it be revered, just like the First Amendment?

    Sam Ervin said, "The Constitution should be taken like mountain whiskey -- undiluted and untaxed." Maybe that applies to all of the Constitution.

    Is it possible that the Second Amendment is not a quaint and antiquated remnant of a world that will never return, but an idea as relevant and sound today as when it was written?

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    News Source: Journal Inquirer


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