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    Hiding the Welcome Mat
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-08-09 10:31:07 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Italians are not wanted here in Italy. Whites need not apply."

    by Minerva

    A few years ago when the economic crisis in Argentina was at its worst, many Argentineans of Italian descent wanted to come back to Italy. They were either the children or descendants of Italian parents who had settled there. As such they didn’t have Italian passports, but they invoked the right of return, the fast lane if you wish, to settle in what they had always regarded as their original motherland.

    By all accounts they made ideal immigrants. Brilliant, educated, they were skilled workers or professionals. They could already speak Italian because they had learned it at home from their parents or grandparents. What’s more, they didn’t just “know” Italian culture, they belonged to it. Italians — in one variant or another — constitute a sizable portion of the Argentinean population.

    Since one of Italy’s problems is an ageing, dwindling population, you’d think our politicians would have jumped at the occasion to bring in loads of energetic, enthusiastic people whose dearest wish was to be reunited to the country they loved. These “immigrants” would have adjusted easily; there would not have been the usual problems encountered in moving to a foreign country: the Argentinean-Italians would have been eager to assimilate. In fact it wasn’t even a question of integration or assimilation. These South Americans of Italian extraction just wanted to come home.

    So what happened to the fast lane?

    It was the same old story — the fast lane disappeared in the thickets of EU plans. The right, which was in power at the time, briefly considered the idea of the right of return. The left, though, which actually holds the reins of power, refused utterly, afraid the newcomers would naturally gravitate to the right when it came time to vote. The whole thing was quietly dropped and fell into the memory hole.

    As Ida Magli repeatedly says, the EU was constituted to bring the Orient into Europe. The goal of our elites is to have fewer Italians around, not more of us. We are to be replaced gradually — or not so gradually — preferably with immigrants from Asia and Africa. The last thing these “leaders” wanted was a big bunch of starry-eyed Italians full of patriotic zeal.

    Full Article
    News Source: gatesofvienna.blogspot.com


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