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    America Says Yes to Dr. No
    News/Comment; Posted on: 2007-08-06 19:05:05 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Old Media confounded

    After spending Friday and Saturday in his hometown of Pittsburgh, where he attended a family reunion and held a rally for an enthusiastic crowd of over 1,200 people, Congressman Ron Paul headed to Iowa for a televised debate on Sunday morning.

    The GOP debate, hosted by ABC News correspondant and former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos, really wasn't one of Paul's most shining moments. The host provided him little time to speak, favoring instead the corporate candidates already approved by the powers that be. Furthermore, many of Paul's supporters felt that he could have been more forceful and direct in answering the questions he was given.

    Even so, the results of this debate must certainly have proved a surprise to Stephanopoulos and the rest of the folks over at ABC. Ron Paul absolutely ran away with ABC's post-debate poll asking who won.

    As I write this post, Paul is leading his nearest competitor, Mitt Romney, by 24,699 votes. Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly 24 hours after the debate, Paul has received close to 28.5 thousand votes, while Romney, the next highest, hasn't even broken the 5,000 mark.

    ABC, who have removed the poll results from the front page of their website, must be wondering just what the heck is going on out there in America. Do you think they're finally starting to hear the rumbling from where they sit in their high-rise offices, as the American people begin to stand up and move for change -- true change?

    Source Article

    News Source: Spirit of 76

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