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    White Forum 2007
    Report; Posted on: 2007-08-05 19:51:32 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]


    We are very grateful to everyone who took part in preparing and organizing the international conference “Europe and Russia: New Perspectives". The new forum, conducted successfully on July 20-21, 2007, on the day of Perun – the Indo-European Thunderer – is a direct continuation of the forum “The White World’s Future”, that took place in 2006 [http://www.ateney.ru/eng/eng011.htm]. The conference was held in the assembly hall of the Russian Writers’ Union (Moscow, Komsomolsky Prospekt, 13) in accordance with the following program:

    Friday. July 20, 2007.

      9:30 - 10:00. Registration and accreditation for participants and press.

      10.00. - Pavel Tulaev (Russia): opening speech and brief account of the work of the organising committee in 2006-2007

      10:30. Guillaume Faye (France): “Euro-Russia: Concrete Bases for the Future Imperial Confederacy” (main report of the conference).

      - Manfred Röder (Germany) “The Continental Axis of Survival”;
      - Enrique Ravello (Spain): “NATO as an organization opposed to Euro-Russia: from Morocco to Chechnya”;
      - Kris Roman (Belgium) “Euro-Rus as a Positive Antibiotic against the Negative Cosmopolitan Virus”;
      - Yann-Ber Tillenon (Bretagne) “The Bases for the Future European State”;
      - David Duke (USA) “From the Abbyss: an Analysis of European Mankind’s Existential Crisis”;
      - Stephanos Gekas (Greece): “The Inner Roots of a New Regenerative Policy";
      - Galyna Lozko (Ukraine): “Renaissance of Pan-Aryan Thought”;
      - Anton Ratchev (Bulgaria): “Between East and West”;
      - Pavel Tulaev (Russia): “The Essence of White Renaissance”;

    Saturday. July 21, 2007.

      10.00. - Anatoly Ivanov (Russia) “Three Europes and Three Countries”;
      - Emmanuel Leroy (France): “A Letter to a Russian Friend”;
      - Vladimir Avdeev (Russia): “Cross of Sight: the North against the South; the West against the East”;
      - Alexander Thiel (USA) “Cultural Instauration”;
      - Constantin von Hoffmeister (Germany): “From Jerusalem to Berlin to Moscow”;
      - Kai Murros (Finland) “Military Cooperation Between Western Europe and Russia”;
      - Alexander Rudakov (Russia) “The Strategy of our Victory”;

      16:00 - 17:00 – Friendly greetings and other reports sent in advance; discussion.

      18:00. Closing speech by Pavel Tulaev.

    Full Report



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