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    'Doc Gyneco' Attacked for Sarko Support
    Race; Posted on: 2007-08-05 17:52:33 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Rap star driven offstage for supporting French President

    "Award-winning" Francophone rap star Bruno Beausir, better known absurdly as "Doc Gyneco" (a reference to gynecology), was verbally battered offstage by angry fans in Geneva, Switzerland, in the midst of a "mini-riot" over his appearance, forcing organizers to cancel the gig after a mere thirty minutes. Two audience members were arrested at the scene.

    The reason for the upset was "Doc Gyneco"'s well-publicized electoral support for new French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the runup to the polls. With roots in the West Indian French colony of Guadaloupe, "Doc Gyneco" is widely seen as a "race traitor" for backing Sarkozy, who, as Interior Minister, led a crackdown on non-white, mainly Islamic youth in 2005 in an attempt to stop widespread rioting that rocked the nation for weeks running.

    Sarkozy also stole whole chapters from the platform of the nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National in an attempt to appeal to white voters and shore up traditional conservative support, which had been bleeding out towards the FN. While "Sarko" -- as Sarkozy is known -- managed to score key non-white voting blocs, he pulled even with Le Pen in Muslim votes, an indictment of his attempts to find "common ground" with "Muslim moderates."

    Like "Doc Gyneco" Sarko -- despite being President of France -- is a "foreigner", of Jewish/Turkish background. He attempted to make himself look "cool" to fractious Third World youth presently resident in France. The policy was also partly followed by FN elements as well as the usual suspects on the "left."
    News Source: Correspondents


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