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    Almost Forbidden Thoughts III
    Philosophy; Posted on: 2007-08-05 14:35:24 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    See Almost Forbidden Thoughts and Almost Forbidden Thoughts II for more

    by Clyde N. Wilson

    High drug prices are not a product of market forces or scientific investment but of government/business collusion.

    The Constitution we pretend to be governed by today bears only a superficial and marginal resemblance to the one originally established by the people of the States. Most Supreme Court decisions do not refer to the Constitution at all but to previous Court decisions and abstract, imported speculations about innate government powers.

    Rather than being opposites, the Vietnam War and the Great Society twin products of the same mentality—making the world better by government spending and coercion.

    Politicians do not spend their time labouring to discover and implement what is best for us. The last people whose welfare they ever think of (unless forced to) are ordinary working and middle-class Americans. The main occupation of legislators is spending other people’s money, an activity which requires constant deception and bears no relation to the general good.

    Our Social Security contributions are not safely tucked away in a lock-box in Washington or anywhere else.

    Abraham Lincoln was no saint. There is much about his life, personal and political, that is sordid.

    The central idea of the Declaration of Independence is not that all men are created equal but that abusive governments may rightfully be abolished by the governed. Most discussion of the Declaration is designed to falsify this real meaning.

    News Source: chroniclesmagazine.org

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