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    Utrecht Aflame
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-03-23 10:19:53 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Dutch riot in Utrecht over killing.

    You certainly won’t have known about it from watching or listening to the BBC, but the “cosmopolitan” Dutch city of Utrecht has been the scene of a series of riots over the last few nights.

    Last Sunday, according to our Sussex correspondent, a Dutchman by the name of Mr. Mulder witnessed a twenty strong gang of what has been described as “Dutch Turkish youths” abusing a pregnant Dutch girl, as she walked along a street in what is still a predominantly white working class district of the city.

    Mr. Mulder did the decent thing and phoned the police for assistance, before intervening to assist the young woman.

    Predictably the mob then turned on him – with at least one of the thugs threatening him with a knife. Mr. Mulder, according to our correspondent's report, disarmed one of the gang – taking the knife from the lowlife concerned. At that moment police arrived and a police officer, said to be of “Moroccan” origin, seeing Mr. Mulder with a knife in his hands, shot him! No warning - just shot him!

    Mr. Mulder was taken to hospital where he later died of his wound.

    Why the “Dutch” police officer concerned failed to give Mr. Mulder a chance to drop the knife or didn’t fire a warning shot, remains not so much of a mystery but an act of cold-blooded murder to some!

    Local people, after years of turning the other cheek to racist taunts and insults from migrants, have reacted violently - resulting in several nights of mayhem as angry ethnic Dutch youth have taken to the streets!

    Some elements of the Dutch media, desperate to conceal the full events of that fateful evening, describe the Dutch youths as “football hooligans” – so desperate are they to preserve the myth of a united multicultural Holland - the kind of politically motivated news-manufacturing you would expect of the Labour supporting Daily Mirror in Britain, for instance.

    The international media, as is usual in such incidents, have largely declined to comment on these events and where they have it has been only to distort the news.

    All of which just proves that the mainstream media (such as the Daily Mirror in Britain) have become the channels of pure political correctness serving the current elites, which require that those medias never ever mention or put emphasis on anything which can lead the majority of our fellow citizens to question the way they have been running our societies into the ground for the past fifty, or so, years.

    British National Party – The British Resistance.

    News Source: British National Party


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