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    “Wave of Hate”?
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-08-04 11:08:03 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    More Propaganda From The Treason Lobbyists At La Raza

    By Joe Guzzardi

    In its latest assault on our sensibilities, the National Council of La Raza (i.e., “The Race”) alleges that the U.S. is drowning in “a wave of hate” aimed at Hispanics.

    According to Cecilia Munoz, La Raza’s senior vice president of research, legislation and advocacy, if it weren’t for this massive surge of American hatred, the recent Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would have sailed through Congress

    Said Munoz, referring to the radio talk shows she views as the main—but not the only—outlet for “hate”:

    "That had an extraordinary impact in the Senate, and as a nation, I don't think we should be comfortable with the fact that the United States Senate responded to what was largely a wave of hate." [Hispanic Group Aims to Stop ‘Wave of Hate’” By Steven Dinan, Washington Times, July 22, 2007]

    (Munoz was speaking at the same conference where Rep. Lincoln Diaz Balart (R—Cuba) called for permanent Spanish-speaking enclaves in the U.S).

    “Wave of hate”—that’s a good one—catchy, just the way the MainStream media likes it.

    Grudgingly, I confess to admiring—in a very limited way—the National Council of La Raza.

    While I deplore the anti-American stand that the country’s largest ethnic identity lobbyist takes, I am in awe of its ability to coin phrases and dupe the media (which considers La Raza the nation’s pre-eminent Hispanic think tank) into believing that it walks the high road.

    At the same time, because of its skill at the word game, La Raza has convinced the press, Congress, the Chamber of Commerce and religious groups of all denominations that we who favor less immigration are lower than pond scum.

    Twenty years ago, the most common term to describe individuals illegally in the U.S. was “illegal immigrant”. Although it appeared in print from time to time, the correct term, “illegal alien” was always a tough sell for us.

    Then, out of nowhere, appeared “undocumented immigrant” appeared. That lasted a while but before long “undocumented worker” replaced it—much more persuasive from La Raza’s view because it suggests that aliens work. That’s not always true, of course, but it sure sounds good.

    Soon thereafter, the “undocumented workers” had deeply rooted and unshakeable “family values.”

    And what are we? Among other things, we are “racists,” “xenophobes,” and “nativists”.

    Now that a growing respect for our position has emerged, we have been upgraded to “anti-immigration” or, the warmest and fuzziest of all the terms used to describe us “immigration restrictionists”.

    As it now stands, we, the “immigration restrictionists” who ride a “wave of hate” are pitted against the “undocumented workers” and their “family values.”

    As I said earlier, you can’t help but admire how cleverly our opposition has outmaneuvered us.

    Never underestimate La Raza’s reach and power.

    Full Article
    News Source: Vdare.com


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