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    Two Wars, One Solution: The Big Picture
    Audio; Posted on: 2007-08-03 20:26:25 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    Whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat him. -- unknown
    By Frank Roman

    Audio Version
    As American consumer society continues to pay attention to childish distractions like Hollywood's latest scandals, it continues to willfully ignore far too many societal evils, which are really what I call tribulations that are killing our people. In fact by simply comparing the way
    America used to be to what it has become now, it's safe to say that a war has been declared on our people.

    War on Culture: Internal
    Our offspring are still being trained by the media and their counterparts in some churches and the majority of schools that homosexuality is a desirable, "cool" option; or that finding a non-white mate is not only attractive but moral; that aborting their valuable white babies is as trivial as a tooth extraction. Our European American youth, what many call our future, is still emulating a mongrel-American transmutation of black culture and in some cases violently resisting any manifestation of even the most benign suggestion they not do so. Of course some so-called "anti-racist" thinkers and "civil rights groups" assume European Americans cannot and should not find meaningful fulfillment among their own kind, or look out for their own people as a principal strength in their lives. At one time this was a given in the Old America and people did not really have to think about it. They just knew this to be the case as they went about their daily lives. Nowadays, thanks to our Boasian-infected infrastructure this is viewed as bigoted, narrow-minded, exclusive and even hateful, with non-whites encouraged and even funded to overthrow and ultimately establish themselves in the place of European Americans. Unfortunately our own government thinks the same way, with severe penalties in place for those audacious European Americans who step out of line.

    In the meantime, the District of Corruption in Washington keep on wrangling over building a wall on the Mexican border, while thousands of sickness-carrying parasites continue to invade our land looking for “free” health care, tax free jobs and maybe a few deluded white women like the ones they have seen on television before leaving Mexico. Our paychecks are buying less and less as our individual and nationalized debt ceilings continue to go up. Taxes we were never asked to pay under threat of prison are still consuming a third or more of our wages and our money is still backed with debt-laced IOU’s instead of gold and silver. China, the Nuclear Dragon of the East, still holds trillions of dollars of American bonds, and at any time they can declare their desire to collect on those bonds, with little that can be done about it. American jobs are still being shipped overseas (including to China) while European American workers are being traded away for mestizos and others from the Third World.
    To make matters worse, there are baleful rumblings about a worldwide viral epidemic with virologists saying we’re likely to get hit with one inside the next 5 to 10 years.  What about new Third World nuclear powers on the horizon with itchy trigger fingers and copies of the Koran next to the nuclear button?  What about the next major assault on US soil by terrorists?  Even the most insipid fool ought to know our meddling in the affairs of the Third World will make it happen; it’s only a question of when. We have seen what happens when the harebrained and their subjects run the lunatic asylum: look at New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Those of us who care about more than the next ballgame continue to hear about the horrors of our kind in South Africa, an omen of things to come as things devolve to the stage here -- when non-white savages sooner or later have their way. But don’t look to the government and their PR string pullers for an answer to these problems, problems they are keenly aware of, since they’re a miserable batch of bought and paid for prostitutes in thrall to big business election donations and media portrayal. No healthy society will survive long when creatures like Barak Obama and Rudy Giuliani are held up as models of electable figureheads for the body of uninformed voters to worship; who act as deities of equality; who inspire the priests of egalitarianism with more and more mislead anti-white, anti-Western party line. So essentially, America has lost not only its way but its identity which was borne out of some of the greatest minds on earth at the founding of this nation. Therefore, reality dictates outcome, just as it would if you discovered a group of your neighbors were plotting your demise in your own home. That kind of awareness breeds thought and thought incites action. So let’s think about the second most pressing issue that ought to concern our people right now.
    War on Terror: External
    We ought to be revolted with the fact that less two months shy of the sixth anniversary of the 911 attack on the country of our fathers that our intelligence community warns us that terrorist attack threats on our soil are getting worse. Why is that? We’ve spent countless billions of dollars, sent almost 4000 servicemen to their deaths and crammed our military hospitals with the physically and psychologically wounded and crippled. Our government has undergone a huge restructuring with the Constitution and Bill Of Rights being flattened as our civil rights are stripped away in the name of safety and the "freedom" to consume even more Chinese-made junk. Yet, our former ally against Russia and Iran, Osama bin Laden and his coven of devils by all reports is systematically upgrading and streamlining al-Qaida from nests all along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, protected by tribal politics and insulated from the American military which is bogged down in Bagdad. Nice going, George; and the convolution continues. Saddam Hussein, with whom we were allied during his war against Iran's Muslim extremists, was in the end hanged and Osama’s extremists fight on like they have a point to prove. Washington’s King and his neocon courtiers have made an error of colossal magnitude.  Had we maintained a non-interventionist foreign policy, the United States would have been considerably safer against attacks which culminated into the 911 assault; there would be 3,600 mostly young European Americans still alive, and another 25,000 crippled soldiers not facing questionable futures.  Failures like this used to cost prime ministers their place in history and in ancient times kings lost their crowns for lesser failures, while their advisors were shall we say "induced" to fall upon their swords. And really, does the American herd truly believe victory will be attained, when no one can actually described what this victory will entail?
    Do they actually believe the military can transform a repressed class of primeval natives into a Wal-Mart civilization which is exactly what the globalists would like to see? Well, I can tell you now the kind of awe-inspiring sacrificial admiration so many neocons attribute to the war in Iraq is a smoke screen in today’s media driven opinionated landscape, just as it was a smoke screen when the United States grew weary of Slobodan Milosevic’s private domestic affairs and bombed Serbia to make it harmless for Muslim terrorists. If that were true we would have troops in every corner of Africa where learning and employment simply do not exist, with European American soldiers ready to die like they are in Iraq so that Africans can go to school, work and vote. In my opinion ultimate victory which the neocons hope for -- the kind of victory the neocons will never attain -- can only be achieved by literally decimating every single Muslim enclave on earth, whether they’re in Britain, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or the United States; and in fact literally exterminate even the history of Islam for all time. If that kind of victory is not achieved the torture chambers will continue to torture, Arab women will continue to be persecuted, voting rights will be crushed, 72 virgins will continue to beckon suicide bombers, oil supplies will be threatened, terrorists will be trained, while yet another Third World tyrant with nuclear ambitions will rise up out of the desert – and trust me Washington DC knows about all of that. In other words so-called democracy is not for everyone, a well known fact because some of the United States regional allies in the "War on Terror" are not much better than Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden, including Israel. Which is to say we European Americans will continue to have to give up essential liberties for the sake of safety? I think not!

    The Solution: European Americans United
    So what shall we do about this appalling situation? Well, like I said at the conclusion of the July 15th podcast. “Had we maintained from the birth of our nation to the present … an exclusive, tough, proud (focused) ethnic based nation rather than a polyglot of (conflicting racial) diversity, the Muslims would be only too happy to sell us their oil (from over there) and leave our people alone (over here). …” I should also add if we’d kept our noses out of other people’s overseas affairs and adhered to our first President’s admonition to stay out of entangling foreign alliances we wouldn’t be in the mess were in now. Agreed? Good. Then that’s what we have to focus on.
    While some people need to be allegorically hit over the head with a two by four to get the message or at least become inspired if not entertained enough to continue listening to us, we still could use a much wider field of spokespersons, essayists and periodicals. These goals are not only essential but easily attainable once the corresponding quality of persons signs on to EAU. And truth be told that’s happening right now I’m pleased to say. In a post 911 world we have to be extremely careful and responsible in the way we provide not only a news alternative but a viable organization. The people who would provide such an option must know precisely what he or she is doing and that step has already been evident with the formation and maintenance of EAU. He or she must be deliberate, and resist being over emotional or self-indulgent. Our members and supporters must be absolutely calm, coherent, and steadfast and not get carried away by whatever fervor looks like an ideal approach, even if the audience of potential members and activists consists mostly of people who are spur-of-the-moment go-getters. They have to be willing, at least on a token level, to lower their own interests to the wellbeing of the organization: in other words stand ready to be counted on effectively without distraction; to be part of an agenda that offers a range of options for European American advocates working together, either locally or at the top. Now whatever you do don’t get the idea that we should do or say anything because we’re concerned of what the enemies of our people may think of us, far from it. Because no matter how we present ourselves I think we can safely assume what they do think of us.

    Now in these two cases -- the negative demographic, cultural shifts affecting our longevity as a race and the threat of international terrorism -- I am not saying that we should present ourselves as anti war pacifist wimps or make an outward effort to appear conciliatory to those whom we know are trying to replace us. What I am saying is we need to channel our awareness; to stay utterly focused on these issues with iron-willed, decisive, patient, carefully planned preparations for the liberation of our future. But our people should never ever hand our enemies a “legal hook” on which to hang us. Otherwise we have wasted our time. While the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (augmented by our positions which are supported by the writings and scholarship of America's most revered founding Fathers) ostensibly offers certain protections from runaway legal zealots we would do well not to hand them our heads on a silver platter. I’m sorry but I don’t foresee us waking up tomorrow morning with millions of torch and pitchfork carrying citizens ready to storm the Bastille on the Potomac, no matter who exhorts it. Therefore, we must be concerned about what the most capable of our people from all backgrounds do think of us and we should welcome ideas that are strategic and motivational. Again, among the needed activities in order for European Americans United to proceed are the production and distribution of truthful information, clever leadership here and with our allies abroad, recruiting, fund raising and order. As we grow the expansion of these activities will grow too. Remember, it will require an extended period of time on many different fronts to put into place the counterbalances needed to create what we must have in order to survive the escalating demographic and international upheaval which is well under way: racial, cultural separation of our people from differing ethnicities and the geopolitical sovereignty of our nation as it was meant to be -- before the harpies of political correctness and international chaos sunk their claws in to it. And while I’m thinking about it, proper child rearing with an emphasis on racial and cultural identity, and familial integrity is the single best long term solution European Americans have at their disposal to counter these two dangers I’ve talked about to you today. It’s never too late for that and there’s no reason whatsoever EAU can’t be a part of your life affirming process, either.

    Of course I can’t predict the finale of this unsteady nation killing progression the traitors to our people have set into motion, especially after it reaches the point where EAU is proficient enough to apply force on its further progress. And no one has to tell us the time is short. However, right now there is work to do. Get out into your community, associate with those who are capable and resourceful, and let the power of your reasoning prevail over everything else. If you need help or ideas let us know; whatever comes let it come. We all have to be prepared on a personal level, domestically on a national level and internationally on a global level. Go to our organizational website. The guidelines are already in place. Contact us as a soon as you can so you can become part of the solution, so we can all benefit after we free ourselves from this two pronged attack on our people and on our nation.

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