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    Ron Paul and the Empire
    Opinion; Posted on: 2007-08-01 08:26:12 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]

    This is not a political agenda. This is not a party platform. It†IS a revolution
    by Steven LaTulippe

    Can Ron Paul really win? Does he have a snowballís chance of becoming the next president, or are we all kidding ourselves?

    At the moment, Rep. Paulís quixotic campaign seems to be picking up steam. His recent fundraising statistics reveal a blossoming, internet-based movement that is uniting libertarians and other concerned citizens from across the political spectrum. His performance in the media has been sharp, and his organization seems to be honing its message.

    While there are plenty of reasons for optimism, I think we need to be clear-eyed about the road ahead. If Rep. Paul somehow manages to remain a viable candidate and to seriously challenge his mainstream opponents, things will get extremely interesting. He faces a set of obstacles unlike any other candidate in my lifetime.

    When evaluating his chances, itís important to accept one fact about contemporary America: This is not a democracy, and certainly not a constitutional republic. America is actually a carefully concealed oligarchy. A few thousand people, mostly in government, finance, and the military-industrial complex, run this country for their own purposes. By manipulating the two-party system, influencing the mainstream media, and controlling the flow of campaign finance money, this oligarchy works to secure the nomination of its preferred candidates (Democratic and Republican alike), thus giving voters a "choice" between Puppet A and Marionette B.

    Full Article

    News Source: Lew Rockwell

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