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    Tortured Cats Won't Make You More Virile
    Globalism; Posted on: 2007-07-27 13:34:59 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    The more cats are tortured, the fresher the taste of the meat, some of the Cantonese are said to believe.

    By Wang Yong
    Shanghai Daily

    THERE's more than one way to skin a cat, but for most people, the Cantonese way is beyond comprehension.

    In Guangzhou, screeching cats are bashed on the head and plunged into boiling water (still alive and yowling), but they finally expire with a whimper, using up their ninth life just to satisfy the demand for ultimate freshness of finicky Cantonese "gourmets."

    The more cats are tortured, the fresher the taste of the meat, some of the Cantonese are said to believe.

    And cat meat, they say, is great for virility. Business is very brisk.

    This is all according to an investigative report by New Express, republished yesterday by Xinhua news agency.

    Ji Xuguang, the New Express reporter who went to several cat fairs and restaurants for his secret investigation, said he witnessed cats wailing desperately when they were smashed by iron rods and then thrown into boiling water.


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    NOT Made In China

    China: Olympics Are Go!
    News Source: Shanghai Daily


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