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    More Israeli Hypocrisy
    Immigration; Posted on: 2007-03-22 09:15:25 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    "Why can’t white people have their own nation in the same way the Jews have Israel?"

    by Ian Mosley

    Jews love to dictate morality to other people. Thanks to their control of Hollywood and the tremendous power of the Israeli Lobby, they are able to brainwash the naive and pass laws which suit their agenda. The first thing they tell us is that “Christian morality” is wrong. That it’s too “old fashioned” and “oppressive.” They tell us that we shouldn’t speak too loudly about Jesus at Christmas time and that we shouldn’t have Christmas displays because it might “offend” people. They tell us it’s hateful or bigoted to consider homosexuality wrong. They tell us we should have open borders and gun control. Meanwhile, when it comes to their nation of Israel, the rules suddenly change. The version of morality, that they push on us, no longer applies. When it comes to illegal immigration, they don’t allow any. Period, end of story.

    According to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “The Knesset (Israeli parliament) on Wednesday voted to extend and widen the controversial Citizenship Law, which denies family unification to Israelis and Palestinians. The law, which was to have expired next month, will be extended to July 2008 and apply to citizens of the four enemy states - Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran - as well as to those of the Palestinian Authority.” So much for immigration marriages of convenience and sneaking into Israel to have an “anchor baby,” one of the two favorite tricks of Third Worlders to sneak into America.

    For decades the Israelis have expelled, murdered and tortured Arabs who lived under their control. The Arabs, who escape outright brutality, live as second class citizens and are reminded of this every day –often having to stand in long lines at check points to make sure their papers are in order. The Israelis also don’t let any additional Arabs immigrate into their Zionist state –either legally or illegally.

    So the Jews get to have their own exclusive country while White people don’t. We don’t get South Africa or America or even our home nations in Europe, nowhere. Any Jew from anywhere in the world can land at Ben Gurion airport and get immediate citizenship and the “basket” of goodies that the Israeli government gives to Jewish immigrants (courtesy of US taxpayers). Non-Jews can’t immigrate to Israel at all.

    There are tens of thousands of “guest workers” brought in since the Intifada to replace Palestinian labor, but their visas are strictly controlled, they are physically quarantined from the rest of the population, and after one year they’re tossed on a plane back to the Philippines or wherever. But we can’t have a program like that here, of course. Bush has his “guest worker” program, but everyone with a brain knows that is a thinly-veiled amnesty program for the 20 million illegal aliens in the US already.

    In America, once a Mexican is past the border fence, he’s here for good. Israelis have built a wall to keep unwanted people out. So far, not one dollar has been appropriated by the US Congress and not one post hole has been dug to put up the fence along the southern border that Congress promised us with such a flourish just before the 2006 election.

    What, exactly, is it about Jews that gives them this special status, such that THEY ALONE of all the people of the earth get to have a non-diverse, non-multicultural country reserved for themselves alone and a few Palestinian slaves to serve their needs? Why do the Jews living in white nations demand that every alien race imaginable be allowed to invade those white nations? Why can’t white people have their own nation in the same way the Jews have Israel? Inquiring minds want to know!

    News Source: WhiteCivilRights.com

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