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    Rise of Far Right Threatens to 'Pollute' Politics Across Europe
    Opinion; Posted on: 2012-05-06 20:51:39 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    Since when is it considered pollution or even "fascist" to  wish to preserve and advance ones own people? When they are white, of course.

    They may not have claimed ultimate victory, but the biggest winners of the elections in France and Greece were the parties of the extreme right. Fringe parties, some of them routinely labelled "neo-Fascist" until recently, have made stunning inroads into mainstream European politics, to the point that in France, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Austria they either hold or threaten to hold the balance of power. Governments are increasingly faced with the choice of either giving ground on hot-button issues such as immigration and Islam, or ceding power.

    In Greece, its disastrous economy in the hands of European moneymen, its political establishment rotten with corruption and unemployment among the under-25s cresting 50 per cent, this general election has seen a host of extremist parties emerge from the woodwork like termites.

    More here

    News Source: The Independant

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