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    European Parliament - Mysterious Poster Shocking Liberal Elite
    Activism; Posted on: 2012-01-22 07:59:41 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    " Shocking! Disgraceful! Wicked! Very funny!" Just a few of the words used to describe a subversive ´black propaganda´poster that has appeared as if by magic around the European Parliament building in Brussels.

    The offending poster is a spoof of one put out by a Tory MEP, Robert Sturdy, to advertise a seminar on the problem of Alien Invasive Species.

    These include mink, grey squirrels and American crayfish and are correctly reconginsed as causing immense damage to the environment in many countries, including Britain.

     While everyone from the far-left and the watermelon Greens, right through to the nationalist minority agree with Mr. Sturdy about the dangers to Europe´s physical environment posed by these unwanted foreign imports, all the parties except for the nationalists also fail to see the  irony in expressing concern about it while at the same time supporting the destruction of Europe´s cultural and human genetic environment caused by mass immigration.

     Hence the outrage expressed by members of the PC majority who saw the spoof poster before humourless leftist political assistants tore them down.

     Asked about the posters, Nick Griffin MEP said "Anything that pokes fun at the illogical bigotry of the multi-culturalists has to be a good thing, so I had to smile when I saw the poster.
    "I hope to go along to the seminar and will always support any initiative to help to protect our native wildlife from the threat posed by invasive alien species. And I´ll keep on leading the campaign to alert people to the dangers posed by the parallel development in the human population as well." 

    News Source: British National Party

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