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    A Letter To My People
    Audio; Posted on: 2011-11-06 06:34:39 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    We can only ensure our children’s future by thrusting aside the abasing moral masturbation of appeasers and taking our country back with the same vigor and bravery of those who came before us.

    by Frank Roman and Seneca III

    Audio Version Here

        “The time has come”, the Walrus said, “to talk of many things.” So, with apologies to Lewis Carroll and to the Bard, I ask, “Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your ears and consider this: You are under attack; your enemies are both within and without and their malignant intent is to take either your mind or your life.”

     Then I ask you to look around your American homeland and decide for yourself whether the statement above is true or false. If it is false, or if this is the future you want, or are prepared to tolerate, do nothing.

    But if there are those of you who see the truth of it, and choose to remain free men and women, then you must stand up and be counted, for time is running out. Perhaps, if enough of us do, we may find that we are not as few as our voices in the wilderness would make it appear, but that our lack of cohesion, of organization, of mutual support merely substantiates the old axiom ‘divide and conquer’. Once that fact is realized the platform for action is fixed.

    We must somehow—preferably today-- join together in resistance, become one demographic, one voice, then raise that voice in furious harmony and make it heard across this Continent until its resonance shatters the tidal wave of negative mutation that engulfs us.

    If we do nothing, then atrocity will reign, our grandsons will only be able to count to seventy-two and they will be doomed to bang their heads on the floor in mindless obeisance to an alien society as they await their transition to a non-existent eternity of debauchery.

    If our condition does not change, in the subdued light of blatantly anti-white ethnic pressure groups to numerous to list, from the propaganda centers in Hollywood and New York to the  behavior-molding hatchet men in Washington DC , the upward evolution of European Americans will have ceased, and our granddaughters will be nothing more than gender slaves - breeding machines for the white hating visionaries inside the Ministry of Love and at the mercy of its street level agents.

     Know this: the barbarians are through the gates and they are in bed in unholy alliance with the enemy within. Our ethnic cleansing is upon us and the evidence is everywhere. Complacency, apathy and indulgence have created the fertile soil where the high priests of multiculturalism spring up like summer corn, whilst other ideological vultures gather in the sky above to pick our frightened bones. Either we fight together and fight now, or we will die alone as a people, picked off one at a time by the Thought Police and their agents as we sulk in memory of our lost American Paradise.
    “Subjugation of the masses, by any means” is their agenda.

    That their instrument of oppression is a demented ‘Slave of The State’ with a law book in one hand and a badge in the other it is of no consequence, for they come upon us out of darkness, as familiars, bringing with them the abiding stench of two failed belief systems joined at the hip as one: Marxism and Political Correctness.

    Believe me, they find us easy prey as we lazily bask in the light of our well-meaning, yet grotesquely indulgent society.

    Through the incubus of Fear its succubi, Political Correctness, they suck us dry of our culture, our birthright, our ancient freedoms, and our nerve. Righteously wielding a Weapon of (our) Mass Destruction, that wearisome, meaningless mantra “Racist, Racist, Racist”, they rewrite our history, undermine the foundations of our society, drain our resources, murder us en masse, denigrate our achievements and, day by day, one small step at a time, enslave us.

    Indeed, there will be no United States without an aware and forward-looking majority of white Americans just as surely there would be no China if she adopted our demoniac diversity policies; just as surely as there would be no Mexico, just a surely as there would be Africa, no Japan, were they all to adopt the West's loss of identity. But you see, these places had long ago exorcised the incubus of Fear and aborted its succubi Political Correctness; and they have held on to their culture, their birthright, their ancient freedoms and their nerve. But at the same time they see the West as easy pickings for conquest and are closing in for what they hope to be an easy kill.

    The new Afro/Chicano/Asian/pigeon English population that’s slated for majority status in 2042 and beyond couldn't care less about extending to our people the same legal protections, racial preferences, and subsidies they themselves are receiving today.

    Seneca once said, “You cannot enslave a man who is prepared to die”, and in this time of trial those few simple words encapsulate what is perhaps the only option left open to us. Indeed it has all but come down to that. Yet, I am of a mind that we can face this inevitability, and triumph, if we do so in brotherhood - our history tells us this, that our forefathers have walked this bloody path before. (No doubt they are turning in their graves at the sight of the grovelling obscenity that our legislative and executive classes have become.)

    I am an unreconstructed American, a term not exclusively analogous with the Old South following Lincoln's bloody-minded campaign against his own people, for I believe that to fight in defense of one’s own is an honorable duty and, consequently, I ask, “Are there any other honorable men and women left, to do what must be done?”


        …Slavery, be it slavery of the body or slavery of the mind, is an abomination from the most primitive depths of the human libido. Whether it is called Multiculturalism, Tolerance or Political Correctness, it is a cancer of the racial psyche that must be excised without mercy or moderation, as must that noxious assortment of parasites and predators that are its vile enablers.

    Like I've said before: The wicked never rest; they cannot drop their guard for one moment and deep down they hate having to expend that kind of energy. Those who would enslave us, those who would jump for joy as the last vestige of “whiteness” was finally blended out of existence would be relieved, for they would no longer have to work day and night to sabotage even modest attempts at organizational and incidental white identity. That’s because our kind of thinking flies in the face of their New World Order global citizen claptrap. They allegedly “monitor” sane legal and moderate groups because they are AFRAID; they have already made it known how much they loathe white Americans who have even a tiny bit of implied whiteness, which is and always has been a threat to their cosmopolitan authority. In other words they don’t want you or anyone else to see the prevailing falsehood that we MUST embrace the physical presence of visible minorities and/or foreigners in order to transmit ideas across cultures or (more ludicrously) for there to exist diversity of thought within a culture. This as we know is a ridiculous proposition.

    Simply put, the time has come to pass, and we must turn our backs on fearful submission, cast off our ‘Mea Culpa’ chains and unite as one people, obligated solely unto ourselves. We can only ensure our children’s future by thrusting aside the abasing moral masturbation of appeasers and taking our country back with the same vigor and bravery of those who came before us.

    Or not.

     In closing I thank you journeying this far with me through this painful reality, and I would ask you to understand that I finish this cry from the heart in grief that I can see no alternatives, that I believe all that is left to us is to exercise both our survival and territorial imperatives with unremitting ferocity.

    We must become something akin to a united European American Council - or cease to exist at all. Indeed its not even mandatory that everyone should hold identical views but we do need some central tenets to unite us which allows differences of opinion to be discussed within nationalist parameters.

    So, tonight, when you kiss your children and put them to bed, then go downstairs and await all of your tomorrows you must understand that you still have a choice. You can do nothing or you can decide to act, hopefully to act now with a unity of purpose beyond Political Party, Class or Gender, for the sake of those upstairs, and those who are yet to come.

    I beg you, in the name of our freedom, which lies almost exclusively in our genetic and psychical continuation, to dig deep, European American, and to think hard; Peace or Armageddon? Peace, which sometimes requires the blood of tyrants and patriots will not be easy, nor will it come about without prepared sacrifice and commitment, but it is survivable.

    The degradation of our people in decades to come is not.

    Thanks for listening.

    Note: The above pod cast is an adaption of an essay written in 2007 by Seneca III, which was submitted to Gates of Vienna. Permission was granted by the original author to use his work as the basis of today's presentation, above.
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