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    Funding Our Own Demise
    Economy; Posted on: 2011-10-19 14:48:58 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    America, you’re being destroyed from within.  And you don’t even know it. 

    If you want to know why you lost your job, you better pay attention to what OUR government is doing to you…but not just to the poor American who is now unemployed, you Americans working are FUNDING the literal destruction of your fellow Americans’ jobs.  If you’re paying Medicare taxes (and all of us who are working are doing that), then you are directly kicking a fellow American out of his job.  How the hell can this be?  Well…..

    Medicare and Medicaid money have been used to outsource American jobs, and US workers say they were fired and discriminated against by a healthcare insurance company funded solely by federal funds, according to a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

    By way of Molina, several billion of US taxpayer’s dollars have gone directly to India without any benefit to theAmerican company or the US taxpayer,” the suit states.

    The suit, filed on behalf of more than 50 employees, alleges Molina Healthcare Inc. used federal money, defrauded the federal government, failed to pay overtime, discriminated, terminated and violated numerous federal and state labor codes. Molina collected over $9 billion in federal funds in the last three years, the suit states.


    ‘Since 2006, Molina has spent a large portion of the taxpayer’s money to fire American workers and to hire an abundance of workers brought in from India.

    the rest HERE

    News Source: fedup usa


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