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    Cat Lady Logic
    Immigration; Posted on: 2011-06-19 13:36:32 [ Printer friendly / Instant flyer ]
    The problem isn’t with charity, per se, but with the unthinking and unsustainable charity typified by the neighborhood cat lady.

    May 23 2011: Obama’s speech in El Paso a few weeks ago began with a feel-good story about a graduation ceremony in Miami in which over 180 flags were marched across the stage – one for every nation that at least one student in the graduating class had invaded from. As each flag crossed the podium, that nation’s invaders cheered. “But then, the last flag, the American flag, came into view, and everyone in the room erupted in applause. Everybody cheered.”

    This is, in a sentimental chestnut, the vision for America’s future which has replaced the traditional vision upheld by our forefathers. It’s an inversion of it, one in which America is not only something other than a great nation – it’s the anti-nation. The flag no longer symbolizes the founding values, values by and for a specific nation of people from throughout Europe who were integrating into a shared Anglo-American identity. The flag symbolizes the singular vision of the tens of millions of foreigners of varying legal statuses stampeding in: a free lunch at our expense.

    Obama assures us that they’ve embraced our ideals and precepts. While most who parrot the recent idea that America is a “notional nation” shy away from explicitly defining the national notion, he came right out and admitted it: “opportunity”. “Pursuit of opportunity” is a euphemistic way of saying “pursuit of self-interest”. They’re here to get stuff, not to embody Enlightenment ideals, practice the Protestant work ethic, and watch the big game alongside the buffoons they’re replacing. They’re doing what’s in their interests by coming here, just as our hostile elites are doing what’s in their interests by inviting them here.


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