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Posted on: 2011-03-24 10:04:04

We are not asking a lot from a few people. But we are asking for a little from many.

By Frank Roman

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When someone is preaching to the choir it means they are trying to make believers out of people who already believe, or convince people who are already convinced. While this may have constructive uses for communication and relationship building I want you to know that today I am NOT preaching to the choir. If you are a part of the EAU 'choir' you know what I mean. If you are not a member of the EAU 'choir' then I urge you to pay attention, think, and finally act.

Recently, CNN published an article called 'Is America becoming a Hispanic country?' This piece was written by an anti white anti American bigot by the name of Ruben Navarrette Jr, a CNN contributor, columnist, an NPR commentator and a radical left-wing, open borders, amnesty pimp. As I read Mr. Navarette's screed I could practically see him squirming with joy over the fact that Americans of European descent are demographically being replaced by his kinsmen from Mexico and the southern hemisphere.

In fact I'd say he enjoyed the buzz he got while writing it. He also takes it upon himself to scold his largely white readership for (correctly) believing that some white Americans, who offer resistance and hostility to this change, need to just sit back and enjoy it. Or rather bend over and enjoy it. Really, the totality of his comments cannot be clearer: sit down shut up and enjoy the ride because there's nothing you can do about it anyway.

Of course, cretins like Mr. Navarette aren't the only ones who think this way. He is joined by some of the most powerful Latino leaders and politicians in America, whose allegiance is to foreigners of their ethnic group, not to the United States, no matter how often they say otherwise. They seek political power and realize the way to get it is to flood America with legal and illegal immigrants from their ethnic "clan". By virtue of shifting demographics they will dilute the destiny of white American citizens and replace our American culture. "The Third World", which includes Arabs, Africans, Orientals, Asians and others is at your doorstep, if you care to look. And they are all anxious to present you with the bill as they jump on the entitlement bandwagon, commit crimes, and change the national birthright of your children and grandchildren. If you think I'm feeding you a line, you have only to witness California and Texas as a forewarning of where our entire country and our people is headed, a prospect I'm sure gives Mr. Navarette and his ilk a major buzz.

As many of you listening to this podcast already know ethnic identity as practiced solely by European Americans is stupidly regarded as either against the law or depraved by many consumers and voters in this phony era of political correctness. The corporate group of businessmen in the media who influence politicians by manufacturing public perception -- who work behind the scenes for the sake of false equality do not want to wake up one morning and discover that European Americans have regained their identity; or that white Americans understand how our very origins can provide the groundwork for our people’s true destiny -- like our fellows are doing in France Britain Italy and Denmark.

Certainly EAU acknowledges there are economic matters that must be addressed in order to further the progress of our kind. But this being so, our people must simultaneously undergo a kind of spiritual awakening, an awakening I am happy to report is ongoing but disorganized at this time. You can smell it in the airwaves and see it out of the corner of your eye if you know where to look. This awakening, if executed correctly and properly nurtured, will create the necessary groundwork to challenge our impending marginalization -- not only on an individual internal level but also on a noticeably explicit level.

And that’s where you come in. That is why you are here today.

In other words we are going to find out what we are made of. And that one crushing matter among others that we must address is this: our impending racial minority status as a people in one more generation. Everyone from the President of the United States down to the local sheriff should be talking about this matter and how to correct it. Now in my mind this event will be a cut-off point in our people’s history; and, after that happens, there will be little left to say. The mainstream media and the politicians like it that way.

As we’ve mentioned in previous pod casts, bulletins, and national conferences hostile non-white groups are heavily funded by the United States government by the redistribution of our tax dollars, not to mention huge corporate donations made available by us in the course of our hive-like consumerism. Correspondingly, sensible white groups of matching ideology are refused similar charity and thereby labeled “Nazis,” “haters” and “bigots.” So -- above and beyond systemically enforced political correctness, destructive immigration policies, and a tax system that doles out “fairness,” what further proof do we need to understand that this is all a planned intractable effort to undercut and tear down our heritage, our race, our nation, and our children?

And so you may ask: what do we do about the displacement of European Americans through immigration, Third World birthrates, and our own stupidity for not having enough kids if not raising the ones we have correctly? What can we do about the never ending brain sewage disguised as news, entertainment, and education that promotes the tragedy of miscegenation, homosexuality and anti-intellectualism? What can we do about the frustrating loss of identity we see every day in our young people as they pursue nihilistic, self destructive lifestyles? What about the whorehouse mentality projected upon our ancestor’s homeland, the United States, by the whores in Washington, the universities and churches? What can we do about these things, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.

The first thing we need to understand is we're talking about enemies that are beatable, that is, omnipotent only in the minds of those who are either intellectually lazy or have long ago given in to mass illusion. Secondly, you are only limited by your imagination and your intelligence to affect change. Third, in the short term your job will be systematic activism; exposing dangerous measures towards our people. You will call out the supervisors of corporations, media, and education and (even) the law --if they are involved-- hounding them publicly until they give in. If we do not stand up for European Americans in the same manner non-whites and others stand up for each other we will be sealing the fate of not only our grandchildren but our great grandchildren; and there will be absolute hell for them to pay, I can't say this enough. Non-whites understand this and you need to make certain your people understand this too.

And how do we go about doing these things? Simple. Start a chapter of European Americans United activists and get busy effecting change in your area. After all, chances are good the area in which you live is rotten with non-white pressure groups, politically correct programs, people, and the like. Now it’s your turn and you need to take it. We’ve all read and heard the steady stream of dismal analysis from countless sources describing what white Americans are facing in these turbulent times. Now we need to do something about it. Don’t you agree?

Once your chapter is vested by the Board of Directors, begin calculating your chapter’s resources for what you want to do. Make a plan and keep in mind that on a collective basis white Americans possess more wealth power and influence than even they comprehend. Like I said earlier, among our people there IS an awakening taking place but it is unorganized and muted.  Your job will be to organize an expanding group of advocates, to ‘unmute’ our people in wider and wider spheres through education and fearless activism.

Ultimately it comes down to two perspectives:

#1: We seek short term intensive engagement of the political, educational and media systems armed with facts exclusive of fear; calling out the real haters in either a public or private manner, in order to stave off or hinder the immediate detriments we face.

#2: Additionally we seek long term white racial consciousness through on the ground / in the street education until other members of the general public in sufficient numbers begin doing the same thing; to the point we can no longer be ignored. Moreover, your chapter should also consider the benefits of personal self sustainment and preparation in the event of a natural or man made disaster.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can win and we must win. While our enemy is beatable there is no place for ambivalence in EAU. Ambivalence, the silent treatment amongst ourselves and one way communication have never solved anything. When a leader tries to focus people who act this way on an agreed upon action it’s the equivalent to herding cats. Energy and foresight are wasted. This is not a game and EAU is not a social club. There is no room for indifference or inaction. Being busy is one thing but anything else that prevents your participation, like a lack of interest or laziness, is immoral; and open border leftist moonbats like the despicable Mr. Navarette cited above is counting on your non-participation, your laziness and indifference.

In fact we've all known people at one time or another who were going through the motions, making their appearance, but not really present for what mattered most to their nation and people.  Their hearts were not in it.  They probably looked and acted great from the outside, but being present does not equal a heart on fire for what has to be done. Shun them forever. With the formation of EAU the realistic framework to prevent our people's genocide--as defined by the United Nations no less-- is in place, and now it is entirely up to you and your fellow chapter members take the initiative. While guidance and direction is available from the EAU Board, other members and supporters hand holding and spoon feeding is forbidden, so don't look for it. Realistically as a group when it comes to the survival and progress of European Americans - we’re both the problem and the solution. And as a member of EAU you will never create universal connection, support or approval. However, and this is key, when people want to get offended, they will. When they want to learn, they will. When they want to change, they will. It’s that simple. It’s their choice.

And for those of you who are doing nothing because you’re waiting for the great white revolution to fall into your lap, you had better understand that while this government of traitors and hacks in Washington is still dangerous as hell , it won’t be around forever. And I’m not talking about just the Obama administration; I’m talking about the entire structure, the whole arrangement. So stop holding your breath for a legitimate revolution. Most Yacht Rock white "Americans" who are too comfortable living on borrowed time and fiat money are not going to overthrow anything. Look instead for a federal implosion along with state and local meltdowns. That’s why we will need an informed, racially conscious, tough-minded core of European Americans in as many locations as possible when the anarchy comes.

I believe that – for the most part – I am speaking to a well-informed, clever and mature audience who are serious about, and committed to, the challenge of our people’s growth and lasting transformation. There is no more important activity in which to involve yourself than working to assure a healthy future for our people, for our European race. And there is almost no limit to the ways in which you can involve yourself in this activity. Never forget that we are in this together.

Thanks for listening

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