Winston Smith: Top 10 Most Hateful Quotes of 2010
Posted on: 2011-01-01 19:10:06

Political Cesspool co-host Winston Smith has taken it upon himself to compile the Top 10 most hateful quotes of 2010 for your reading enjoyment!


And they are…

(10) The staff of West Chester University in Pennsylvania

A story dated December 2, 2010 reported that a flier had been circulated around the campus of West Chester University in Pennsylvania. The flier announced the formation of a White Student Union. But the flier was a hoax, and to explain the real purpose behind it, spokeswoman Pam Sheridan said,

“It wasn’t meant to be harmful. It was designed to draw anti-racists together, to get a sort of reaction.”

There are at least two reasons why the university is on Most Hateful Quotes list: (1) they prove that the phrase anti-racist means anti-White*, and (2) the university believes a White student group would be racist. We know the university believes this, because the incident was investigated by the Campus Client Intervention Team, “which exists to address acts of intolerance or bigotry.”

* I know that anti-racist means anti-White, because I read Racism, Schmacism by James Edwards! Start the new year right by ordering your copy here!


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