Congress' Tricky Ways
Posted on: 2010-08-09 17:44:52

Amazing ... or disgusting. Your choice.

by Neal Boortz

It's typical Washington way: Use money from another program to pay for a bill and then re-instate the money to the original other program at a later date. In other words .. cheating. What happened to this whole PAYGO nonsense? PAYGO counts only when the party in power wants it to count ... and only then.

Here's what's happening. Nancy Pelosi has called the House back to Washington this week to vote on a $26 billion state aid bill, To the serious observer this bill bails out government worker unions with a $10 billion emphasis on teacher's unions. Being a slave to the Democrat party has its rewards. So here's how the Democrats plan to pay for this ....

Liberal Democrats said they will vote for a $26.1 billion state aid bill when the House reconvenes this week but are committed to restoring the food stamps program funding that is being used to pay for it ...

Nearly half of the state aid bill's cost is being offset by taking $12 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which is the official name for the food stamps program. The bill finds those savings by ending in 2014 a stimulus program that has increased food stamp levels.

Make no mistake, the Democrats WILL manage to restore this 2014 stimulus to the food stamp program. I mean, how else are they going to get re-elected if they don't transfer massive amounts of wealth to the moocher class and keeping them fat-and-happy on government cheese? It just goes to show the current mentality in Washington. These people who claim to be upset with our current deficit and claim that we need to do something about our spending habits, but then continue to pass legislation like this .... They continue to fund their vote-buying programs at ever-increasing levels and then blame our current woes on the fact that the evil rich aren't paying their fair share in taxes and we need to increase their taxes!

Amazing ... or disgusting. Your choice.

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