Greeks Keep National Sense
Posted on: 2007-05-30 19:02:13

Survey: Istanbul is Greek soil yet to be freed

A Dark Day in History

A recent opinion poll conducted by the Greek Political Research and Communication Center (KPEE) revealed that considerable parts of Greek society still perceive some regions of Turkey and neighboring countries as “Greek soil under foreign rule.”

According to a news report published by the Athens-based daily Kathimerini, a poll was conducted by the KPEE among 2,000 Greek citizens from March 22-31 to shed light on current political tendencies in Greek society. Asked “if there were still Greek regions waiting to be liberated beyond the country's borders,” 37.9 percent of the participants replied to “Istanbul”, whereas 36.2 percent described “Aegean coasts,” 31.2 percent “coastal regions of Turkey along the Black Sea” and 59.9 percent “Cyprus” as Greek soil.


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