Harry Alford: The "Conservatives'" New Black "Hero"
Posted on: 2009-07-26 09:55:14

James Edwards of Political Cesspool credentials digs up and exposes a perfect example of the double standards that exist in the minds of faux "conservatives" and the anti white hate in the likes of "color blind" black activists like Harry Alford. Definitely an eye opener here.--Frank Roman, EAU

by James Edwards

I get a lot of flak for saying from time to time that conservatives are useless, and that conservatism is dead. But anyone who thinks I�m wrong should consider the strange case of Harry Alford.

Remember Harry Alford? [video] He�s the head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce who got into it with Barbara Boxer a few days ago when he was testifying in the Senate about the cap and trade bill. He and the NBCC are against it; so Boxer pointed out that groups like 100 Black Men and the NAACP have endorsed it. This enraged Alford, who started yelling that Boxer was �making it racial� and that he was outraged at her �condescension�, etc.

Well, Alford is now the new conservative hero. Check out the comments on this thread at Hot Air, one of the most popular conservative sites on the internet. And this one on the conservative Newsbusters site. And here�s American Thinker, another conservative site, on Harry Alford, who they refer to as �a penetrating and astute gentleman� down the page:

Spread the video you are about to see far and wide. It contains an honest, gut level outburst from an indignant black man who has obviously reached the limit of his patience with liberal white condescension.

The comments on that article are filled with praise for Alford�s courage and honesty as a black man fighting for colorblindness in America.

There are countless other pages just like this that I could link to, but you get the idea. Harry Alford is a black conservative hero for standing up against �racism� and for �color blindness� in America.


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