Political Earthquake: Nick Griffin Wins Second BNP Seat!
Posted on: 2009-06-07 18:19:40

History made as voters propel British National Party into mainstream

British National Party chief Nick Griffin has made history and proved the effectiveness of his modern, progressive nationalist approach, leading his party to two phenomenal wins at the ballot box in the European Union elections. The British National Party has won its second seat in the European parliament with the election of party leader Nick Griffin as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the North West region of England.

This enormous victory was won solely on the hard work, faith and generosity of ordinary people in the face of an orchestrated and well funded campaign that saw physical violence against patriots and daily media attacks on the BNP. Yet in nearly every vote count, the BNP managed to increase their vote share, and now with MEPs the BNP has entered the political mainstream, no matter how much their opponents don't like it.

And like it they don't. Like spoiled children, the other winning candidates actually stormed off the stage in order to not have to share it with Griffin as he spoke at the poll results announcement ceremony. Earlier, Griffin's entourage was attacked by leftist crazies as he attempted to enter the Manchester city hall to be present for the results. The behavior of the "mainstream" and left and the shock of the Establishment only adds to the pleasure of the win.

In the EU parliament the new BNP MEPs will join their nationalist colleagues from across Europe in what is only the beginning of a struggle to take back our homelands.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Nick Griffin, his fellow new MEP Andrew Brons, and the courageous men and women of the BNP whose hard work and dedication have given the English speaking world the greatest electoral win ever seen.

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