To Prevent Silly Rumors
Posted on: 2009-04-18 13:24:42

by John Young

Some members and others have started to notice, contextually, that I am not currently serving on the EAU Board of Directors. Please rest assured that this is entirely normal and planned. It occurred to me that this perfectly normal transition might serve as fodder for the usual suspects and their mill of speculation and rumor, so I'd better head that off at the pass.

The EAU Constitution limits service on the board to two consecutive terms at a time, with each period of service separated by a six-month break. (After 6 months, a member can be re-appointed.)

A normal term on the board is 18 months. Because we didn't want to turn over the entire board simultaneously, Frank, Drago and I staggered our first terms. Mine was 6 months, Drago's was 12 months, and Frank's was 18 months. This means that my second term expired at the end of March, 2009; Drago's will expire at the end of September, 2009 and Frank's will expire at the end of March, 2010.

My replacement is Robert Tanner, whose first term will expire in September of 2010.

I've known Robert for a long time and have tremendous faith in his intellect, philosophical integrity, knowledge and ethics. He is a strong "outside the box" thinker whose advice has been invaluable to me. That is why I asked him personally if he would agree to replace me at the expiration of my term.

I am extremely grateful that Robert agreed to serve. Being on the board of EAU is tough work with no pay. So back in March, the board unanimously (including myself) voted for his confirmation. I believe our membership, and our folk, will be very well served by that choice. Please give Robert any help he requests as I certainly will.

Meanwhile, my podcasts and ideological focus and research will continue; along with other projects that I've been assigned by the current board. You'll like the results of some of the projects a great deal -- and they wouldn't have been possible without a break!

So if those who stand against EAU's objectives think they have been given a rest; they need to go crawl back into their holes because our abilities have just been augmented rather than reduced!

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