Official from Ron Paul Campaign Detained by TSA
Posted on: 2009-04-07 10:00:24

Official from Ron Paul campaign was determined to be suspicious by the TSA for carrying cash and checks made out to the campaign.

Our very own Steve Bierfeldt was detained for half an hour at the St. Louis Airport and police station. His crime? Why did he arouse the TSA's suspicion? The officials said it was because he was carrying cash on his person. Perhaps. He was also carrying Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul materials, and we can wonder if the TSA had gotten the infamous MIAC report and not yet heard it has since been retracted by the Missouri government.

Watch the segment on Napolitano's Freedom Watch where they discuss the detention. Steve caught much of the government officials' hysteria and rudeness on his iPhone recorder and so we get to hear a clip of what happened:


My guess is it indeed had to do with the money, not the literature. Ever since the drug war really picked up steam a couple decades back, the government has tried to criminalize the carrying of "suspicious" amounts of cash. For years, average Americans, often minorities, have been shaken down for having too much money and some of the seized dough has even ended up in the hands of those who confiscated it. It's already illegal to carry beyond a certain amount out of the country. And the war on terror and economic recession have further made it taboo to carry money around. But Steve broke no laws here and perhaps this was just an example of selective harrassment.

Either way, whether it was the literature, the cash, or they just didn't like the look of Steve, none of it bodes well for a country that sees itself as a free society. In a free America, carrying literature of any type or cash of any amount would be just another peaceful activity fully tolerated by law. This kind of screening in our airports goes beyond demanding, "Your Papers, Please." Steve already showed his papers when he went through security.


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